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Jungle Cruise Easter Eggs & Cast Favorites Jokes

Jungle Cruise Easter Eggs & Cast Favorites Jokes

Disney’s Jungle Cruise is dropping in theaters and Disney+ streaming service with première access today, July 30th! In honor of the films release, I attended a virtual press junket with the cast of the film where they discussed the nostalgia of the theme park ride, filming the stunts and yes, the cast even shared some of their favorite corny jokes! With the film being based off the famous Disney theme park ride, I also wanted to share some Easter Eggs in the film! Check out these Jungle Cruise Easter Eggs and best cast jokes!

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Participating Talent

  • Dwayne Johnson (“Frank Wolff”)
  • Emily Blunt (“Lily Houghton”)
  • Jack Whitehall (“MacGregor Houghton”)
  • Edgar Ramirez (“Aguirre”)

Jungle Cruise Easter Eggs & Cast Favorites Jokes

Jungle Cruise Easter Eggs

The Jungle Cruise film is based on the popular Disney theme park ride, so this gave filmmakers a chance to include some fun Easter Eggs from the film including many of those corny jokes you hear on the popular ride. Check out this list of a few of the Easter Eggs you may spot (or hear) as you watch the film.

  • The film includes a Boa Constrictor in the tree, much like the theme park ride.
  • The restaurant featured in the film resembles the Jungle Skipper Canteen at Walt Disney World.
  • The film includes an “attack” by natives which resembles much of the theme park ride attraction.
  • A popular line on the theme park ride states, “The 8th Wonder of The World, The Backside of Water!” which is said in the film by Frank.
  • In the film, Nilohas a bird named Rosita, which is the missing bird from the Enchanted Tiki Room.
  • Clothing worn by Frank and Lily can be found hanging on coat pegs behind Alberta Falls’ office door in the Jungle Cruise boathouse.
  • In the film, Frank and Lily encounter a group of Conquistadors. A Conquistador’s helmet hangs in the Safari Supply Storage Room.
  • The map Lily brought to Frank in the film can be found on the wall opposite form Society of Explorers and Adventurers member Dr. Kon Chunosuke’s entomological collection.
  • The temple Frank and Lily must sail to resembles the same one on the Jungle Cruise theme park ride.

Jungle Cruise Easter Eggs

Jungle Cruise Cast Jokes & Other Fun Facts

During the Jungle Cruise press conference with the cast of the film, the talent shared some of their favorite jokes and more! Check them out and other fun facts from the film.

Dwayne Johnson: Did you hear about the chameleon who couldn’t change colors? He suffered from reptile dysfunction.

Jack Whitehall: “I was seeing a cross-eyed girl, but, uh, it didn’t work out. We couldn’t see eye to eye.

Edgar Ramirez: ” I was waiting for housekeeping to come and help me with something, and they took forever. So basically what I called was “Houseskipping.” 

Nostalgia Of The Ride

During the junket Dwayne Johnson, who plays Frank Wolff in the film, discussing the “nostalgia” of the ride: “The script was in a really good place, and I immediately saw the potential of the opportunity. This was Walt Disney’s baby. There were a lot of elements that I felt comfortable with saying yes, I will come on board, I’ll partner with you guys, and we will develop this thing.” Johnson goes on to say, “So it had a nostalgic element to it when it was first presented to me.

More Jungle Cruise Filming Fun Facts

  • When Emily Blunt was considering the role, the script was delivered to her which included a 10 minute video message from Johnson.
  • Johnson says the hardest scenes to film were the ones with the Conquistadors, because of their costumes and unique fighting styles.
  • Blunt says the hardest scene to film was when she had to swing from a vine, due to Johnson cracking jokes on every take.
  • Edgar Ramirez is afraid of snakes and encountered some when shooting in Atlanta.
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