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125+ Shocking Netflix CLICKBAIT Quotes

Netflix Clickbait Quotes

Netflix Clickbait dropped on the streaming service this week and is a hit. The series will definitely keep viewers guessing until the very end! I will have a review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the series. I love me a good line and boy, did this series have some shocking ones. Check out this huge list of 125+ most shocking Netflix Clickbait quotes.

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Netflix Clickbait Parents Guide Review

Netflix Clickbait Quotes

I know whose birthday it is, she’s my mother.

Pia always get me first time.

Nick is the gentlest person you can ever meet.

Maybe its Deep Fake, or something? Like that Obama video.

You’ve been all quiet and broody for months.

This video is not a confession, it is a death threat.

I need your help. I need you to find where my brother is and who is doing this.

If you knew what it was like to have kids, you would’ve never kept this from me.

I’m his mother, I have a right to be worried.

Mainly weirdos with too much time on their hands.

He’s fierce when it comes to you, you know that?

Get out of my life.

This is where the videos were shot.

We’re doing everything we can to find your husband.

Stay off the internet, the both of you.

My involvement is being downsized.

They are calling it GeoNicking.

Where ever he is, your father is fighting to get home. He wants to be with his family.

Civilian vigilantes contaminating crime scenes? No thanks.

This was at the house, Detective. Your team missed it.

You deserve that promotion.

Don’t be afraid to show emotion.

You’ve made a terrible mistake. Nick is not the man you think he is. He’s kind, loving and gentle.

You people seemed determined to think the worst of my brother.

I don’t have anything to hide.

Are you capable of being objective with the sister? Could you consider her a suspect?

Big man like you, you can’t say out loud how you feel about people like me.

This case is just about climbing the ladder for you.

Whoever did this must have known his routine.

We have to wait until his lab results come back but we can assume this was how he was kidnapped.

Have you heard my brother’s a verb now?

He came to me at work with bruising around his ribs.

What if that’s my last memory of him?

I’m sure you will finally have what it is you truly want.

He’s a person of interest.

Netflix Clickbait Quotes

Is there a reason you can’t follow protocol? Were you dropped on your head as a baby?

Lets get to work. We got a killer to find.

It’s important you are completely honest with us.

Do you think Curtis could have done it?

They wouldn’t let me see my own brothers body.

We were having an affair.

If you withhold evidence again, we will press charges.

Why do they care so much? It’s not like he was their dad.

Is this why Nick got all weird on me? is this why Nick was so closed off?

I was in a relationship with your husband.

I know someone who can retrieve this.

You never judged me. All that time you knew and you never judged.

It’s about Nick. He was really close to some of the girls.

That woman you met, Emma. I think she might be telling the truth.

We were in love. We were lovers. He was my soul mate.

You finally met a man who treats you right.

I was his girlfriend.

Someone believed Mr Brewer committed a serious crime.

He never lost his temper? Threatened you?

Where were you the morning Nick Brewer went missing?

Nick was one of the good guys.

A mistake is forgetting someones birthday, you don’t f*ck somebody by mistake.

You gave Sophie the name of your hotel, you obviously wanted to be found.

He told me you guys went through something as kids and it bonded you forever.

I just wanted to be part of his world. I wanted to be around people who knew him.

What’s outrageous is that your daughter betrayed my son and their marriage.

You need to leave town now or this won’t end well for you.

The police have found three other profiles on three other dating sites for Nick, under three different names. They think there were more.

He promised her the same things, exactly.

You did the right thing. You exposed that man for who he is.

He told me how unhappy he was, that he was gonna leave her and he was only staying for his sons.

I will not dignify that woman with a response.

If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t even be on this investigation.

You want peace in your family? This is the way to get it.

I have patients staring at me all day long. I feel like a freak show.

Sarah Burton died 4 months ago.

It was your reaction that scared me, Ben. You broke the law.

There are real human beings on the other side of your stories. You know that, don’t you?

I’m not nervous and we’re not friends.

My husband was the victim here. The victim of a brutal, unjust crime.

Who I am at work is who I am and I am not ashamed of that.

I know, you make me happy too. I’m so lucky I met you.

It’s an awful thing to lose someone you love in that way. Sorry for your loss.

Stop lecturing me. Stop trying to control me. Stop trying to save me.

Who took down all the pictures of Nick?

I know he loved those boys but I don’t know if he ever loved me.

The sooner we can accept facts, the sooner we can heal.

You know I could just turn you in, right?

What are the odds this Jeremy dude is really an architect from San Jose?

He’s married and he hates his wife.

He’s pretty.

Welcome to the sixth stage of grief, my friend. Revenge.

He has to suffer.

Party time.

You just helped her kill herself!

You’re gonna die today pervert. And Sarah is going to finally rest in peace.

You say your sister killed herself, Simon? So did my father.

You probably think you did something noble, right?

I made a mistake. I got the wrong guy.

Netflix Clickbait Quotes

This guy isn’t interested in the truth. He’s interested in saving his own a**.

Do not take the bait. Rise above it.

Daddy only teach you to hit women?

Guilty people will say anything to get out of paying for their crimes.

You know how much this place means to me.

Why can’t you let it go, Pia? Nothing you do is going to bring him back.

That doesn’t prove his innocence, that just proves he is good at lying.

You can’t just cut her out, mom. She’s family.

I saw you on the news and I thought, I know how he feels.

You shouldn’t be going through this, none of us should.

Social anxiety means I have a lot of time on my hands.

I’m not trying to drag you into anything, I’m just trying to find the truth about my brother.

I’m a pretty good groveler.

I need to know where Matt was the night he was killed.

I’m not doing this anymore, we aren’t playing their game.

Aunt P was right. It was never dad.

You never saw my brother when he got angry.

Your father would’ve been proud of you. I’m proud of you.

You mean I get to call you boss?

His family’s probably already called the police by now.

You and your g-d d*mn game. You got us in this mess and now I gotta get us out.

You really are a peach.

I wish I was a bigger man. I wish I was the kind of man that could move on, forgive and forget.

Don’t think I haven’t noticed. How kind you are.

I’m not going to prison.

I never meant to hurt anyone. Something to fill the time, honest.

I was just lonely.

Sick. G-d d*mn sick. You’re sick.

Please don’t hurt me.

Just let him go. We’ve done enough to these people.

I wasn’t sure I could face all this.

We’re still family, right?