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Spirit Untamed Blu-Ray & DVD Bonus Features

Spirit Untamed has come to Blu-ray and DVD TODAY, August 31st and it one you will want to own and watch for years to come! It was such a sweet and empowering tale, that was a hit in thise household! One of my favorite things about owning the Blu-ray or DVD of a film I love is the bonus features!!! Which is why I wanted to share these Spirit Untamed Blu-ray bonus features before you go out and buy this movie!

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Spirit Untamed Blu-Ray Bonus Features

  • Finding Your Spirit: Meet the cast and filmmakers behind Spirit Untamed and discover how they brought this incredible story to life.
  • Deleted/Extended Scenes
  • Behind The Voice – The Cast: It’s always fun to see the people behind the voices. In this series of short featurettes, we not only meet the cast but we discover what characteristics they share with their on-screen personas and how they inhabit them.
  • Cowgirls Rules: The featurette goes into more detail about the female-focused story and explains why it’s not just a “girls like ponies” movie.
  • Drawing Spirit – Spirit Untamed: A unique look and chance to learn from one of the talented artist how they bring the characters, both human and equine, to life.
  • Create Your Own Indoor Campfire: Using crepe paper and LED lights, build your very own campfire at home.
  • How to Ukele: Discover how to create your very own ukele at home. Then, learn some simple chords so you can impress your friends and family around the campfire.
  • Snack Time – S’Mores: During their adventure, Lucky and her friends enjoy a campfire snack that we all know and love, s’mores! This tasty “how to” feature will teach viewers to safely make their own traditional toasted treats along with a selection of not so traditional recipes.
  • Abigail’s Hand Shadow Secrets: Ever wish you could tell stories using hand shadows, just like Abigail? Well now you can! With the help of hand shadow master, a simple lamp and old sheet, anyone can learn how to create cool creatures with nothing but your two hands.
  • How To Zoetrope: Lucky Prescott discovers her mother’s horse-riding talent when she finds a zoetrope at her father’s house. This “how to” video teaches fans of the film how to build their own and bring it to life using the drawings they learn in the “drawing spirit” feature.
  • Sing-Alongs: Watch these fun lyric videos featuring songs from the film and sing-along around your own Karen Foster.

About Spirit Untamed

Spirit Untamed is a story of adventure, family and friendship. Free-spirited Lucky Prescott moves to Miradero to join her estranged father. She is decidely unimpressed with the sleepy town until She discovers a unique tie to her late mother Who was a fearless horse-riding stunt performer. She quickly forms a bond with a wild mustang named Spirit and makes two new pals who loves horses as much as she does. When a heartless wrangler plans to capture Spirit and his herd, Lucky and her friends set off on an epic journey to rescue the horse who has given her an unbreakable connection to her mother’s legacy.

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