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VACATION FRIENDS Cast Share Their Vacation Stories


HULU’s Vacation Friends is on HULU today, August 27th!  The film is a light, fun and raunchy adult comedy that will have viewers in stitched! A few weeks ago, I attended the virtual press conference with the cast of the film to dish on all the behind the scenes fun, including sharing some of their best vacation stories. Check out some of the highlights from the Vacation Friends cast as they share their vacation stories.

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Participating Talent

  • John Cena
  • Lil Rel Howery
  • Yvonne Orji
  • Andrew Bachelor
  • Robert Wisdom
  • Director Clay Tarver


Vacation Friends is a hilarious new comedy centered around a couple on vacation, who befriends another couple who are a bit too wild and raunchy. What ensues is pure comedy gold.  This scenario had the cast of the film reflecting on their own vacations, while most did not come across such eccentric individuals, they did have some fun stories to share.

John Cena, who plays Ron in the film, admits he admits he has met people like John and Kyla in the past and believes those sorts of personalities are always a blast. However, he also goes on to say, “They’re fast and loose and they really enjoy the present and that’s a very rare commodity. I don’t know if I’d ride that wave. I don’t know how far I’d go with them, but I certainly would enjoy their company.


Lil Rel Howery recalls a vacation he took with a girlfriend to Puerto Rico. His girlfriend really wanted to go horseback riding, he did not but agreed to it, against his better judgement. Turns out his intuition was correct because he was thrown from the horse! As fate would have it, he had to ride a horse for this film, although he did take horseback riding classes to prepare for it, “I knew something was about to happen. I was like, I’m about to get tossed off this horse. So I braced myself so I wouldn’t lose my glasses. But it’s so funny, when you wear glasses and you get thrown off something — even though the impact wasn’t that bad, your glasses are all over the place, and everybody’s like, oh my god, are you okay? And I get up like, I’m all good. But I was hurt.

Yvonne Orji loves to meet people on vacation, since she admits she often vacations solo. She stated,”I vacation solo often, and so I meet a lot of people. I actually enjoy meeting people. I like people. But it is that sense of, oh my gosh you’re super cool, take my number — let’s be on Marco Polo. And then after a week of being back home, you’re just like, well that was… I’m good.

The biggest jaw-dropping moment in the interview was when Robert Wisdom admits the craziest thing he did on vacation was a “Threesome.” He went on to say, “I mean stuff happens. You know? And it depends on what you call crazy.” I Robert wins.

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