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125+ Best Netflix’s MAID Quotes

Netflix's MAID Quotes

Netflix’s MAID dropped on the streaming service on Friday, October 1st. The series is gut wrenching and difficult to watch, as it looks into the struggles of victims trying to escape domestic abuse. I have a review of the series linked below, make sure to check it out! I also made a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out this list of 125+ best and most disturbing Netflix’s MAID quotes.

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MAID Parents Guide Series Review

Netflix’s MAID Quotes

Are you sure? Cause you look strung out.

I need a job to prove that I need daycare in order to get a job?

I’m looking for Valued Maids.

I’d rather you just come back another time than do a shoddy job and throw a bunch of cleaning products around.

I can’t be watching children all day, I have work to do, my work!

Why can’t you be happy for me?

You hurt my feelings.

I went too far, I’m sorry.

I really would like to see her more than I get to.

That was a reckless thing to do, reminds me of your mother.

I died when I was 11.

Love is a dog from hell.

And what does fake domestic abuse look like?

Protecting our residents is our top priority.

I got a lot of questions about the girl who lived in 3. Smelled like she was cooking turds down there.

Can I throw some more legal at you?

You got seven days? That’s like seven sleeps, right?

Before they bite, they bark

You on our first date he was all like, ‘Pass the salt, one day I’m gonna strangle you girl.’

I’ve been on this carpet. I’ve lost weeks of my life to this carpet.

We pulling up, that b*tch is gonna pay you.

Girl, we just making space.

D*mn girl, this house is clean. You’re good.

I didn’t mean to ruin your dog fun.

You lost your dog for 5 minutes and I lost my daughter.

Too bad I can’t feel my nuts, otherwise I’d give you a proper show Alaska.

I think your daughter’s lucky. That’s what I think. She’s got you.

You started fighting back. You started standing up for yourself.

Thank you for getting me off of that carpet.

They go back more often than not.

It took me five tries.

And he said he would never forgive me. And he hasn’t and I’ve been afraid of him every day since.

I’m sorry, I’m really nervous, like my fingernails are sweating.

People with money have everything.

I work so much, that I don’t have time to sit at this table.

It’s the people you think you know that you have to worry about.

I just want this alien to get the f*ck out of my house. I want the real him to come back.

I don’t feel love. I don’t feel loved. I just feel desperate.

Don’t ever let anybody take advantage of you. Make you feel less than for all of your hard work.

I live for my daughter.

People keep weird things in their drawers.

Maybe when you live in a house that big, you lose yourself in it.

She needs you to do better.

You can stay here as long as you want to, weeks, months even.

I need to find my mom. I think somethings happened to her.

Don’t you come at me girl.

Maybe seeing you reminded her who she is.

A panic attack could be your bodys way of telling you it knows something.

I was afraid of your mother back then.

I’m not really sure what happened to me.

Why does this county even offer aid, if it’s a mythical unicorn nobody gets?

How is this assistance assisting me?

You have to turn on the charm, Alex.

Help a broke b*tch out.

That’s not my kid.

Netflix's MAID Quotes

I don’t know what is worse, losing my kids or trying to give me someone else’s.

I fixed things by leaving.

It was getting kind of weird with how many times you’ve asked.

Part of getting sober is talking about why you drink.

Not everything in my life is about you.

Am I poor? Yes. Do I do drugs? No.

I got you and a kid around here all the time. Sometimes I just need this to be a f*ck pad.

I think you might be using a screw as a nail.

I can be disbarred for mail fraud.

I hate Venmo. People forget to do it.

You’re the longest she’s kept one of my maids on, so you must be doing something right.

if you dropped dead and I sent another girl, she wouldn’t even notice.

These bushes have never looked so good.

Is he your new boyfriend?

Whatever happened was your fault.

So, you’re homeless now.

You can’t have your weed guy come to my child’s birthday.

It was the best day ever.

I have nothing to say other than I’m really sorry.

How easy is it to just send a text? ‘Hey I’m not coming home, I’m out f*cking my ex.”

All I need is my good weed and a f*cking hairbrush.

Your father tried to lock me up.

I’ll take the medicine, I just want to choose the medicine. Purple Kush.

That the sun bends towards me. That I contain the sun in here.

Did you help put me here?

Netflix's MAID Quotes

I would drink turpentine before I let doctors do this to you.

You stole business from me, took money directly from my pocket.

We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re gonna catch a big one.

I need to work so I can make my own money, so I can be independent.

What if you moved there when you get out?

Are you too tired to do this?

Is she with you?

That is my life. That is my only way to leave here.

Do you not hear the knocking?

She’s fine. She’s sitting on the other side of this door shaking her head “no” at me. She doesn’t want to see you.

It’s right there, crazy.

It looks like trash lives here.

F*cker said I was drunk behind the bar.

You know this is when you are suppose to make me feel better. Say everything is going to be fine.

Maybe you could’ve brought food home instead of a f*cking six-pack?

I need to be dropped off at that address, if that’s okay.

Somewhere around Pubes house I realized you must have left it by accident, and I was invading your privacy. But then I couldn’t put it down.

Who’s the Porn house? Cause I gotta get eyes on that couple.

Take student loans out, everyone has student loans.

You might see the job and wanna as for more money, and I need you to understand that I can’t pay more.

This is my little secret.

I wanna do better than this for my kids.

You also need to make space for them to grow.

Let me help you.

Owner left a carton of milk in the back.

Stinky pot pie.

I wanna tell him. I want him to see I’m not scared of him anymore.

You can’t hold her hostage in a DV shelter again, Alex.

I have a fancy lawyer that would love to make sure that you never get within ten feet of me, or Maddy, ever again.

I know that you’ll never, ever, ever control me ever again.

I get credit for teaching you how to bend towards the light, huh? I get bragging rights, okay?

Show them your serial killer notebook.

Nobody can take writing away from you. Nobody can tell you that you’re wrong or that your words are wrong.

What would happen, if you didn’t?

I’ve got a big life. I can’t be galloping behind you being a tag-along.

It means he says you are lying about being abused.

Your hand looks terrible. You are going to the doctor.

What’s that d*mn smell coming out of your car? it smells like burnt turds.

This is my second time at an emergency shelter for abuse this year. It’s the second time that Sean sent me there.

Do this for me, stand up for me. Help me protect Maddy.

She didn’t know I was in hell, terrorized day and night by her father.

I’m sorry I’m such a piece of sh*t.

You’re doing right by her.

Your dad shook a lot like that.

You got me away from dad and you never went back to him.

You can come see her as much as you want.

Just be happy for me.

Sweetheart, this is your adventure its not mine.

My happiest day hasn’t happened yet but it’s about to.

They don’t know what it took to get here. Three hundred and thirty-eight toilets cleaned, seven types of government assistance, nine separate moves, one night on the ferry station floor and the entire third year of my daughter’s life.