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220+ Killer Netflix YOU Season 3 Quotes

YOU Season 3 Quotes

Netflix’s YOU season 3 is dropping on the streaming service this Friday, October 15th. I will have a review of the season coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the series. I love me a good line and this season had some killer ones. Check out this huge list of 200+ best and most killer Netflix YOU season 3 quotes.

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YOU Season 3 Quotes

I never thought to wonder what happens after boy gets girl.

I should have asked more questions.

I’ve forged my way in the dark before and I can do it now.

Karma. God owes us a boy.

At least our white picket purgatory feels logical.

Me, a boy and his mom who is usually great but occasionally murders people with her bare hands.

Tiny moments made magnificent.

Turns out parenthood is Ground Hog Day as written by Jean-Paul Sartre.

It’s incredible, the urge to protect. I feel it in my bones. I would do anything for him.

What I don’t feel is connection.

I don’t let myself think about who Love is, what she is. My job is to be a good husband so I can be a good father.

Why does my child not like me?

Love’s right. My hearts not really in it. How could it be when you stole it?

You’ve been watching me too.

I might not have solved the mystery of you yet but I know one thing: I wasn’t wrong to be intrigued.

Hard to be invisible with the greatest lady magnet in history strapped to your chest.

Has your vagina even recovered yet?

You got some kind of checkered past you trying to hide?

I don’t remember putting on a lease, it just kind of slipped around my neck at some point.

It feels right. Taking care of you.

I didn’t know the real her when I fell in love.

Kids aren’t handcuffs.

People are happier when they aren’t lying to themselves.

Everything sudden feels real.

I’m just looking for a friend.

Sherry had to post an apology video in August 2020 after it was discovered that she had a massive party while the rest of us were home, clutching hand sanitizer.

Rumor was, the whole neighborhood got a secret vaccine manufactured for the Queen of England and were thus immune to Covid.

I don’t believe in conspiracies, except when they’re about unfair advantages of being rich.

Never trust a queen bee.

Is he flirting with me or inviting me to join Fight Club?

We as a species deserve to go instinct.

They just called my family a garbage fire, I don’t see that happening.

I don’t really know who I am these days.

I’m just a stay-at-home mom slowly going insane.

We both have done bad things.

Happily ever after looks a lot different than I thought.

I think we need to go to couples therapy.

You kept a box, Joe. I know what that means. I know you.

I thought you were a threat to my marriage. But the real problem with my marriage is my f*cking wife.

The ‘we’ is codependance masquerading as love.

Maybe she can sense the inequity here.

This isn’t me, though. I put this behind me. I’ve changed.

I don’t recognize love anymore. I don’t even recognize myself.

You know, she’s good.

Maybe being here is already a radical concession, given you were on the verge of leaving for good.

So you stayed for the child, not your wife.

The easiest thing is to end this marriage.

If children were enough reason to stay married, we’d have no divorced parents.

What’s the only thing worse than couples therapy? Coming home afterwards.

The only thing worse than a kid’s party is a rich kid’s party.

How drunk do you want to be for this?

Do you just drive around making mental notes of good places to bury people?

If this is a partnership, I’m better off alone.

He is the only reason I’m alive.

You are many things but you are not murderers.

I’m not a violent person.

YOU season 3 quotes

If someone sees the real me, they’ll go away. For good.

Family is suppose to love you unconditionally.

Love knows me better than anyone ever has. I’m starting to see why that is so terrifying.

This is new. Exciting. The joy of being a team.

I would absolutely kill for you.

Even with therapy, our wounds may take a long time to heal.

We’re putting down roots, building a future for our son.

Your projecting your anxiety on your son, honey.

An oasis of unpretentious regular people. I love it here.

Missing White Woman Syndrome is America’s favorite pastime next to porn.

Masturbation saves the day for now.

I’ve been kidnapped, held at knife point, held at gun point, lost a finger, been locked in a cage, but in my history of scared, this is the most scared I’ve ever been.

I came here to get a fresh start and you followed me here with all your toxic anger.

Is this retribution for my sins?

Being your dad has changed me.

What were you doing in my backyard?

Some f*cking brain dead anti-vaxxer got him sick and it’s probably getting other people infected with some horrible life-threatening virus that shouldn’t even be a thing anymore.

What if they get punished for our sins?

They reflect our sins back at us it’s blinding.

He needs me on some primal level just like your son needs you.

If you don’t tell your story, they will tell it for you.

Can you be a good father if you’re a bad man?

It’s been said nothing ever happens in the suburbs. Maybe it’s more like nothing ever really changes.

We just don’t believe in subjecting kids to toxic injections they don’t need to fight things their bodies were created to fight.

This represents growth and it is important I show you I recognize it. No Appreciate it.

What’s with all the dad theatrics?

Why do I feel this has somehow become my fault?

You are not making me kill anyone. We are not doing it to our son.

You keep them healthy, safe and be a good person. That’s it. Protect, be good, get out of the way.

Whatever happens here, I just hope I get to see them again.

I’m worried. That you are gonna hate me forever if we don’t do it the right way.

I see how hard you’re trying to be a good dad.

This is worse than some college scandal. Alana did something to this Vicky. It was a payoff.

Two bodies, one story if we get this part right.

You’re trying to cash in on someone else’s tragedy so you can sell your vegan panties.

No kid is a lost cause. Especially not you.

No matter what happened in the past, someone out there will want you too. You’re a good kid.

Does terrible family tragedy make people more f*ckable?

Find the people that get you. Lean on them.

It’s almost like your flirting with me.

I’d never go so far as to call Love a pod person, but let’s just say she’s assimilated.

Not having friends puts a lot of pressure on a partner.

My introvert tendencies are the reason I feel off.

Something about fitting in with suburbia has changed you, love. You went from being horrified by the ostentatiousness of a kids party to Keeping Up With The Conrad’s.

Trying to fit in is the worst.

The problem is me, running away from my perfectly good life and devoted wife.

That one’s determined to self destruct.

Why do I have the feeling I walked in on something?

You made me feel like there was something wrong with me and I’ve done everything you’ve asked. You have been lying to me this whole time.

Being with men in the woods is not my thing, but I couldn’t say no to you after what I did, so here I am.

I came here broken. Carey helped me embrace my inner beast.

Welcome to the Promise Land.

Faith over fear. It’s time to check out so that we can check in.

If this is my pack, I think I’m meant to be a lone wolf.

You’ve been disconnected for so long that your manhood is literally shrinking.

Beasts don’t stop.

There are no time outs in life, Joe. On your feet.

You think I’m a bully? Fine. You know the rules, you got a problem with a fellow hunter, you fight it out.

You are one fine specimen of a man, Joe.

Welcome to the other side.

I came to the woods afraid of the darkness inside me, but they saw it and accepted me anyway. Is this what it feels like to have friends?

I forgot there are healthy ways of letting things out.

You don’t need to tell me everything, I trust you.

Better feed it just enough to keep it in check, keep it on a leash, take it out for walks, but make sure it knows the rules.

All I know is that I’ve felt more alive these past few days watching you than I have in a long, long time.

Things will be different this time.

You are just a fleeting crush.

I need your advice because you are like the only person I still trust.

You fascinate me. But Love is my soul mate, mother of my child, love of my life. And my job as husband and father is to keep it that way.

This itch has been scratched.

If you focus on watering your own grass, you never have to wonder if it’s greener anywhere else.

Hashtag you can sit with us.

My life, my marriage, my womb, is none of your f*cking business, and not to share on social media.

All you even showed me was to get the prince, build the castle and then burn it all to the ground.

You want a source of your unhappiness? Look in the mirror instead of spreading your hypocrisy everywhere else.

The smell of your perfume can erased everything I’ve learned today.

What I feel is not because you’re special, it’s because… wait for it. It’s mother issues.

Marriage is a game.

If this is the game I have to play to get closer to you, then game on.

I thought about you all weekend.

I’m sure it’s like riding a Peloton.

People are f*cking vampires.

How do I make you see I could be your happily ever after?

There’s always problems in love stories.

How many shakes does one man need?

Don’t be a prude, I’m doing you a service.

I’m beginning to think this generation may just save us all.

What happened to my wife? Am I in trouble?

Did she kill someone else and she’s trying to distract me?

If Love is not happy, we will never get a chance to be.

You’re the red rose herself.

It’s like I’m watching my own execution.

YOU season 3 quotes

He’s been dosing himself the whole time and his tolerance is through the roof.

I lost this round but this isn’t over. Not when you are at stake.

Hot wife is a term for women in open marriages.

We would love to take our relationship to a new level. Would you be game?

Note to self, if you take a baby on a drunk joyride to go burn down a vineyard, make sure you’re a rich, white lady whose lawyer can get you in a fancy rehab instead of jail.

You had your family and look what you did.

I have a new purpose now and that’s protecting my family, from you.

Your dad is not okay. He needs help.

Instead, I’m driving an UBER shuttling Medusa-in-law to rehab.

Love has no loyalty to anyone but herself.

I’ve been so worried about her hurting you that I’ve failed to remember, I am fair game.

Aboveboard and honest. How do I give that to you?

I don’t want to become like my parents. They couldn’t stay in love.

I’m a monogamist. Some would say a serial monotagamist. So imagine my surprise when my wife suggested we read up on polyamory, aka swinging, aka the lifestyle, aka a flatlining marriage’s dying gasp.

James let himself become the villain of their story. I cannot be the villain of ours.

I wish I could fix it. I want to fix everything for you.

Trying to reignite the park, and my move here is make it not so easy.

I’d rather f*ck a cactus.

The burbs are even more miserable than I thought.

Our marriage grew rock solid through these little trust falls.

She’s fun. Wild. Still the Love Quinn who flirts with strangers in the produce section.

I think we’re solid.

I wouldn’t be looking at Love if she weren’t connected to Natalie. Or you.

None of this is going to bring her back.

A man that doesn’t want to share his scent. Respect.

There’s the Love I remember. Free, open.

And I’m officially terrified.

Someone’s loose.

I’m embarrassed for us.

All I do is worry about you.

The spark our marriage needed doesn’t come from swinging. Our love language is violence.

I put my best friend in a cage.

Clearly my plan has backfired. My wife seems more into me than ever.

Swinging was suppose to be my marriage’s dying gasp. Not theirs.

After today we’re never doing this again.

I need you to remind me there is life beyond this.

That guy she’s dating hurts her.

There are times I hate myself too. So much I can barely stand it.

You aren’t the only person who’s haunted by shame.

I’m seeking a state of readiness.

Stop trying to be my friend.

I always knew you had secrets.

The only thing I’m thankful for is she brought our son into the world and led me to you.

I don’t regret this.

People like us, we figure it out.

That psycho brought a gun into our house?

Listen to her. Our marriage cannot end soon enough.

These people are coming for you. It all needs to be gone.

Stay together. Die together.

I don’t know how you’re so regular without soluble fiber.

We’re not going to f*cking debate which parent gets to live.

He taught you that you don’t deserve a second chance. You do. We both do.

Real evil has to be dealt with and you don’t do that by letting it live to take good people down.

We can never see each other ever again.

There is a monster inside every boy all too willing to feed. If you make it strong, it will take over.

I think it’s time for us to try for another baby, Joe.

You poor, dumb kid. I’m so sorry.

I’m glad he’s dead.

I think you’re all scandal-hungry crows and no amount of feasting on other people’s sorrows is gonna make your lives less hollow.

Everyone will believe you, it’s always the husband’s. You know, they force us into these shapes and we break.

I always knew your marriage was a shame but it looks like the only murderer in this room is you.

She may come back with Henry or a machete.

I did kill him but I didn’t mean to.

Everything I’ve done since the day I laid eyes on you, it was for you.

This is not how I imagined this ending. Us ending. Me.

The insanity you drive me to.

I barely recognize myself anymore.

I’m not the problem, my husband is the problem.

Did you really think that I wouldn’t start to wonder what you were growing in the garden?

The hardest part was making a dose because I couldn’t lie to myself.

He’ll know what you are.

I can’t let him get put somewhere like I was.

I know you try so hard to be good.

I didn’t have good parents but I know what a good parents does, protect. Even if that means protecting from.

I’d like to thank you for welcoming my family but, you didn’t.

You can get off the hamster wheel at any time. You just have to be willing to burn it to the ground.