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65+ Killer HALLOWEEN KILLS Quotes

Halloween Kills Quotes

Halloween Kills drops into theaters today, Friday, October 15th. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. I love a good line, and this movie has some killer ones. Check out this list of 65+ of the best and most terrifying Halloween Kills quotes.

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Halloween Kills Parents Guide Movie Review

Halloween Kills Quotes

Pick up.

He needs to die and I’m the one that’s gonna get him.

He’s going to get you, he’s going to get you, Lonny.

It’s Halloween, everyone’s wearing a mask.

He murdered three teenagers down the street.

The boogeyman. He’s going to kill you.

We got him? Please tell me we got him.

Any of you know the story of the Haddonfield boogeyman?

Join me in commemorating the victims and the survivors of Michael Myers.

It’s Halloween night in Haddonfield, where terror is supposed to be fun.

Maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow, but the boogeyman is coming for you.

Let it burn!

You better not talk sh*t about that woman. She will f*ck you up.

There’s a big fella in our bathroom and he’s wearing a monster mask.

It’s Michael, it’s gotta be.

Michael Myers is in the backseat. Go look.

Swing, little Huckleberry here. Say night, night.

Wanna get high and dance?

You don’t know who you’re messing with, do you?

Halloween Kills Quotes

Sometimes when the wind blows right, we can still hear her ghost calling his name.

I could never acknowledge the tragedy.

Michael Myers is alive.

He’s infected your family; he’s infected my family with grief and fear. He’s going to die tonight.

This is for you, whenever you need it.

How about this sassy tackle?

Tonight we hunt them down.

You should not be out right now. It is not safe.

Hey Michael, this is for Doctor Lumus.

You’re not fine, you had a knife in your f*cking stomach.

He’s still out there.

Do you remember that night at the bar?

Well, it’s about time.

This is no time for prudence.

He’s an apex predator.

This ends when Michael is dead.

Evil dies tonight!

You protected me. Tonight I’m going to protect you.

We fight. We always fight.

Well, the system failed.

It makes the pain go away.

Let him come for me. Let him take my head as I take his.

I am not going to let anything happen to you.

My mom kept bees before she died.

Halloween’s over, kids.

Next time I’m coming with a pitch fork.

Someone’s in our house and it’s not a child.

I got this knife.

Halloween Kills Quotes

Michael, you’ve come home.

I could have made all of this go away. It’s not your fault, it’s mine.

There is nothing inside that man but pure evil.

Every time someone is afraid, the boogeyman wins.

I’m the one that needs to kill it.

I’m not going to let them hurt you.

Now he’s turning us into monsters.

Just because your intentions are good, doesn’t mean it always works out.

He’s a 6-year-old boy with the strength of a man and the mind of an animal.

Maybe he wasn’t looking out, maybe he’s looking in. At his reflection.

He creeps, he kills, he goes home.

None of us are innocent.

If I go down, I’m gonna go down swinging.

I’ll see you at the finish line, buddy.

I’m an innocent woman, just like your sister was.


Hey Michael, it’s Halloween. Everyone’s entitled to one good scare.

We got this, Karen. Go be with your daughter.

The more he kills, the more he transends into something else impossible to defeat.

You can’t defeat it with brute force.

It is the essence of evil. The anger that devides us. It is the terror that grows stronger when we try to hide.

You can’t close your eyes and pretend he isn’t there. Because he is.