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65+ Killer THE HARDER THEY FALL Quotes

The Harder They Fall Quotes

The Harder They Fall is now playing on Netflix, after being in theaters since October 22nd. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out this list of 65+ of the best The Harder They Fall quotes.

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The Harder They Fall Parents Guide Movie Review

The Harder They Fall Quotes

You know better.

Leave my family alone.

Your quarrel is with me.

Whatever happened between you and I must have been a long, long time ago.

I’d rather be dead than hear this motherf*cker keep talking.

This is real grown man sh*t. We can die.

Black lips are beautiful lips.

Y’all rob banks, we rob y’all.

Folks say you cut down three men with one bullet.

That’s to remind you what it is.

Ain’t been much of a game since you left.

As long as that man draws breath, your spirit is gonna be cursed and wild as it ever was.

You have the worst time in the history of timing.

Let ’em see your faces.

Get off this train now, you motherless scum.

The Harder They Fall Quotes

Put the weapon down, boy. Before we kill everyone on this train.

A man so crooked that even the government is embarrassed by his misdeeds.

The badge begs to differ.

How do you plan on taking me in, marshal? Staring me to death?

Everyone knows it’s suicide to take from us.

One click of my finger and you disappear.

You want to sell this town while I rot in prison?

What you knew of this town is gone.

A man like you will have us all subservient ’til the end of our days.

You and I were friends once.

Loyalty is a virtue, Rufus. Until it ain’t.

This place can be the promise land for us.

How long you been alive in this country? A rock and a hard place is what we call Monday.

You are an enemy of progress.

If you fail to comply, you and everything you love will burn.

I ain’t got nothing to rob.

Ain’t the enemy of my enemy my friend?

I’d rather ride into a gun battle on a dark horse over a golden stallion.

I think y’all are gonna die.

Your face more famous than all ours put together, Stagecoach Mary.

When the dust settles, we gonna go our separate ways, for good.

I prefer Treacherous Trudy myself, but I’ll take it.

The Harder They Fall Quotes

I don’t do business with the help.

The mere mention of my name brings forth good business to any establishment attached, whereas, with all due respect, with the name Rufus Buck instils fear.

You walking into my town with that proposal is risky.

You must’ve forget whose name is on the door.

You done rode all the way over here to get yourself killed.

Love is the only thing worth dying for.

I’m sorry to hear your sister suffered. I admire her bravery.

Hope must die.

You’ll be dead before your boys get to aim.

If I would’ve known you were switching sides, I’d have asked you to come join us.

I’m the Cherokee Bill that shoots men in the mouth that talk too much.

I’m gonna kill them all.

He said, “I am driven towards an end that I do not know. As I reach it, as I become unnecessary, an atom shall suffice to shatter me.”

I gave you that scar so I could know your face when you came back to me.

You’re gonna rob a bank.

My momma always told me to respect my elders, so I won’t tell you what I’m thinking.

I’d like to make a withdrawal.

They say robbing a bank is hard work. That’s a lie. Robbing backs is easy. The hard part is doing it without killing.

Now it’s us and it’s y’all.

You do know how to make a grand entrance.

Why do they always have to count so slow?

I always knew it was you who gave me up.

You always got a choice. Being scared will only give you bad karma in the afterlife.

Beckwourth was faster.

He was a good man.

My father was not a good man. Not a good man. He was an outlaw.

Killing our father was retribution, but it wasn’t enough. Letting you live, that was the true revenge.

I couldn’t kill my brother. Yet here you are trying to kill yours.

Is the devil dead?

We got work to do, Mr. Love.