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70+ Shocking Netflix’s TRUE STORY Quotes

Netflix's True Story Quotes

Netflix’s True Story is now available to view on the streaming service. I have a review of the series down below, so make sure to check it out. I also jotted down some of the best quotes from the show. I love a good line, and this one had some truly shocking ones. Check out this list of 70+ of the best and most shocking Netflix’s True Story quotes.

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Netflix’s True Story Parents Guide Review

Netflix’s True Story Quotes

You can think you know someone because you’ve been through sh*t together. Or because you came up together.

They don’t know what I did to get here. or what it takes to stay here.

You can relax, I said “a” instead of “er,” there is a difference, right Kid?

I don’t think I can f*ck him up.

It takes money to make money.

The award to the best divorce couple goes to…

Dear Lord, let these jokes be funny and reviews be good.

I know this black family politics is tough for you.

You know, I’m not trying to drink like that. I’m six months sober.

I didn’t mean to let you down. I’m sorry about that, all of it.

It’s a big difference between what you need and what you want.

Everything I worked hard for, everything I busted my f*cking a** for is over.

Don’t confuse your gut with your d*ck.

Like mom always told us, good Lord ain’t put more on us than we can handle.

I thought it as a lie. I didn’t believe you, but now I get to meet him because he killed somebody.

Think of me as your angel. Come in, in your time of need.

What’s he talking about my d*ck for?

No body, no crime.

Friends don’t mean you get a freebie.

What I’m gonna do to ya if you don’t pay me will be a hell of a lot worse.

Why is it every time you say you got it, I get into more trouble?

Why can’t you do anything right?

Netflix's True Story Quotes

If Friday the 13th were a person, it would be you.

This time you ain’t paying for my f*ck up. This one is all yours.

The minute I cash the first check, I’m your partner.

Stop waking up with dead girls in your bed, and this will go away.

How does it feel to be so rich?

The funny thing about making money, the more money you make, the more you realize the money is secondary to the decisions you make.

I decided I didn’t want to pay six million dollars.

You’re in a lot of trouble.

Why don’t you just crawl in my a** and check my temperature too.

You’re the reason why I do what I do.

To hell with being a celebrity, I want to be an influencer. That’s next level sh*t.

Just a quick reminder for you. When you are going through some sh*t, I am not the punching bag.

How about we worry about your dead friend?

No upstanding citizen wants to help dump a dead body.

I forget how many people know you.

I gotta give it to you though. You get pulled over and got a body in the back and you turn that sh*t into a stand up routine.

That booty was fire, though.

Slow gets your legs broke. Slow gets you one eye like Sammy Davis.

They’re my silent investors in the restaurant.

If we get through this, we good.

I want you to understand, he is my actual brother. There isn’t a world where I can leave that man hanging. I have to be there for him.

It’s a sequel. How bad could it be?

You know how my people act, huh? And here you are asking where your brother is.

Don’t weather the storm, be that motherf*cker.

We’re divorced and she still gives me the best advice I ever had.

He got videos of us dumping the body, man.

You only get one, man.

Thought you could test a seven degree black belt.

Netflix's True Story Quotes

If your a** is trash, we gonna roast that a**.

When I get up, I’m gonna f*ck you up.

Scrabble eggs. You eating like a slave, huh?

This murder sh*t started with you, it’s gotta end with you, man.

Did that person deserve it? Were you protecting yourself?

Without you, there is no him.

You in the circle, Gene.

The problem with religion, diets, and weed, is that they are all just ways of trying to change who we are.

Sharks only feed when they’re hungry.

Sometimes what people can do can surprise you.

Are you saying that because it is true? Or are you saying that because I have a video you need me to erase?

Your brother saved my life.

Don’t be a burden to Kid. Lift him up. Don’t drag him down.

You protected me. You protected us. Thank you.

Thank you for giving me that second chance you said I deserved.

You owe everybody money, huh?

I’m glad we had that talk last night. I think we really turned a corner.

You’re f*cking dead to me.

You’re a dead man walking.

People don’t care about what you are struggling with. They’re here to see a show.

When a person’s back is against the wall and they gotta do whatever they can to keep from losing what they got, that’s when you get to see who a person is. Or what they’re capable of.

I’m gonna take what happened and try to become the best me.