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The Sex Lives Of Collge Girls Quotes

HBO Max’s The Sex Lives Of College Girls is now available to view on the streaming service. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I want to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out this list of the best HBO Max The Sex Lives Of College Girls quotes.

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The Sex Lives Of College Girls Parents Guide Review

The Sex Lives Of College Girls Quotes

I really need this job, so the only kind of attitude I have is “can do.”

I am sure we will have “latte” fun.

I’m sorry to hear that, but can we please focus here on my problem.

I come from a small town in Arizona, and it is really exciting to have a black friend.

It’s like hugging a statue.

I like men, not boys.

I should have never called you tacky, Podunk, new-money jock.

Do any of you know what a “Drop it like F Scott” party is?

I gave six hand jobs.

I definitely didn’t tell you to jerk a bunch of d*cks.

You sound like you have a black girl fetish.

We took each other’s virginity and mine was just as fragile as yours.

Dude, can you move? Your reflection is in my selfie.

That’s not a lot of money for jeans.

No pants should cost more than $40.

I don’t eat for enjoyment.

Montag? Flag football? That is the whitest sh*t I’ve ever heard.

He shed on the sofa like a cat. The dude is a Yeti.

No one in the history of the world has gotten laid by wearing an anorak.

Neither of us cares what dorm I’m in. I want to see your room.

Why am I the only fun one around here?

Happy FDOC. First day of classes.

The Sex Lives Of College Girls Quotes

I’m always doing that. I never wake up in my own bed.

I’m actually already pregnant, and I have no idea who the father is.

My public school education definitely prepared me for it, definitely.

Before you say anything, I will like to say my father paid for this building.

Why is there a tan a** print on our couch?

You’re so much hotter than your profile. It’s like a reverse catfish.

I came here to hook up, not be lectured by some uburban mom in a bad cardigan.

I still don’t know who “Radish Face” is. I fear it may be me.

Just because those girls don’t want to live with you doesn’t make you a loser.

I don’t think you realize it, but you are aggressively cupping your breasts in shame.

So embarrassing that we’re all wearing the same outfit, right?

I’m not supposed to look? What is this the naked party under Taliban rule?

I micro-glanced. Your left one is bigger.

You drive a Ford Windstar. You get better!

You can’t bribe your way out of this.

A bunch of woke nobodies drinking green tea?

Did they cancel your reservation at Mar-A-Lago?

You’re getting tutored by a hot guy, you’re not getting a job at Applebee’s.

The only time I condone cheating is on Love Island.

This is getting a little intense. I’m going to hit the safe space bell.

Don’t say your pronouns are obvious. That makes you suck.

Grow from pain.

I’m gonna get pumped by a guy with abs tonight.

Some of my fondest memories are in the Best Buy parking lot with you.

You have a face to write songs about.

I’m slaying this date so hard.

He’s a chucklef*cker.

I hate that this is my fault and that it wasn’t racism.

This is some Get Out sh*t right here.

Nothing is ever panty hose fancy.

I can’t afford this. This will use up way too much of my “for emergencies only” credit card.

I’m not your daddy. I’m not your sexy daddy.

I’m gonna hob knob like it’s my hob job.

If it’s more hair you want, I waxed my arms this morning. So there’s basically an Elvis wig in my garbage can.

You look like a celebrity taking out the trash. I wish I had the confidence to look that bad.

Please don’t suggest your mother wants to have sex with your brother.

Isn’t it funny how the ones with the cheapest purses are always the most concerned about getting them dirty?

As quirky as you? An anorexic housewife who shoplifts?

The Sex Lives Of College Girls Quotes

One day you’re gonna realize he doesn’t deserve the pedestal you put him on.

I just don’t want you to pretend to be someone you’re not.

No, I’ve sexed a lot.

Giddy up. I don’t know why I said that.

The best way to get over somebody is to wh*re out with someone hotter, like him.

is his d*ck made out of gold?

Oh, I love all this data. So many columns with information in them. Yeah, this looks so cool.

Maybe you would be doing better if you didn’t spend so much time railing Leighton’s brother.

Someone didn’t read their vaginal manual.

Hot guys don’t journal. They just let their thoughts fade away. It’s what makes them hot.

Are you ready to black out with your rack out or whatever it is you’re always saying to us?

Let’s crunk out with our junk out.

My stories don’t go away the way other people’s do.

She’s not used to guys like you. You should have seen the boy who visited her. He looked like a goat.

And he always had a pee spot on his pants after he went to the bathroom.

Is it a gift for freezing me out of your social life?

You know, we are like supposed to believe women, right?

I feel like you’re bringing me back in the closet with you. I’ve already been through this. I can’t go backwards.

The thing you so desperately don’t want to be is me.

Is that her big-a** bra behind you?

I kind of did something bad.

And you could’ve called me to let me know your team was involved in a full-blown sex scandal.

I came to Essex because of “The Catullan,” but I think it might suck.

We are gonna see some side d*ck tonight!

Girl, if you say no to that, what the hell do you say yes to?

I came to say that I really miss you.

I know I messed up, but this isn’t me.

You shouldn’t have to pay the price for my career.

You don’t always have to tell me the good things; I’m also here for the bad. Especially when things are bad.

You’re like the most together person I know.

I don’t want to be like this. Kimberly, it’s terrifying.

I think the only way you can be happy is if you’re yourself.

You gotta ride this dude like a log flume.