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Collection Of Best HULU’s ANIMANIACS Season 2 Quotes

Animaniacs Season 2 Quotes

HULU’s Animaniacs season 2 dropped on the streaming service this weekend. The reboot of season 1 was a huge hit, so fans are excited for season 2 to bring all the fun characters back and make it sillier than ever. Don’t forget, they will also be taking over the world! As I enjoy doing, I have a list of some of the best quotes from the new series. Check out this collection of the best Hulu Animaniacs season 2 quotes.

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Animaniacs Season 2 Quotes

Verily together we shall keep the barbarians out.

Many are claiming the Senator shutdown is merely a stunt to distract from your plummeting approval rating.

Are you member of an ultra-rich ruling family?

He’s making Roma great again, dogmatic, and fantastical.

So this Medusa broad has got to stop objectifying people. Am I right?

Exile isn’t so bad. Plenty of time to fiddle.

Treachery! Treason! Insurrection! Impeachment!

It’s stinky Pinky, huh Brain?

We need to talk about your fear of intimacy. All I needed was a hug, Brain.

Can a relationship with a puppet ever be no strings attached?

What’s the point of doing anything on the internet if you can’t be anonymous?

The power of two factor identification compels you.

Are you suggesting that I lie to my mother and father?

Cloning is an art, not a science.

A mattress with a stain that kinda looks like Vladimir Putin.

What’s the Hamburg Tickler?

I didn’t realize lying to children was so easy. We should do it more often.

Having a kid is hard work. You have to clothe them, and feed them, and spend millions on the Sweet 16 so they don’t hate you.

Mom never interrupts me when I am telling a story about you paying attention to me.

You mean like ASMR? Don’t these bubbles sound nice?

You can’t take over the world with an empty stomach, can you?

Content is king, Brain.

It’s his catch phrase. He said it. I told you he would.

You’re the bothersome commercial product of a soul-less corporate entity.

If your mind were a body of water, you’d be the Dead Sea.

He is talking words, but all I hear is beep, boop, boop.

Kim Jong Un, you rob your country blind and all you can afford is a $5 haircut.

Putin, what’s receding faster? Your sphere of influence or your hairline?

I’m all for strong female characters, but only if they fall in love with cute boys.

Animaniacs is way too meta.

Animaniacs Season 2 Quotes

Tormenting cartoons is the only outlet I have.

Yes, Pinky, it is going to be more enjoyable than a craniotomy.

String Bean Pinky is my jazz name.

My birthday was last month. I was going to remind you, but you’re always so busy trying to take over the world. Well, I didn’t want to distract you.

Please sir, can I have seconds?

You actually like this fetid calorie paste, urchin?

The advent of the industrial revolution has led to cheaper material goods, but at a great human and environmental cost?

It’s your name in this sketch, sis. We all have to make adjustments.

Your dexterous digits may be exactly the thing I need after all.

There are three little words I’ve never said to you before: That was cool.

Hey kids, look up from your brain wrecking devices for a sec.

Asia is still away-sia, pal.

You’ve done well, little pun counter.

Everybody can make time for 15 minutes of exercise. Actually, I don’t think I have that kind of time.

Brain, wakey-wakey. I made a mistakey.

Please don’t tell me Elon’s here too.

We finally did it. We taked over the world!

Animaniacs Season 2 Quotes

Don’t mind if I fondue.

The commercials you are about to see are based on your viewing habits, social media likes, and blood type.

Are we going to throw a traffic light party?

I’ve got you by the gills now, Wet Gregory.

Fellow super villains? You think I’m super?

Why have you brought us to this island? More importantly, what is the WiFi password?

Pinky isn’t a super-villain. I’m the brains of the operation.

There are no small parts, only small packages.

See. I knew Jack and Rose could’ve both made it.

Nobody puts baby in an omelette.

The point of our content is to entertain, and we never wanna make anyone feel bad. Especially you, internet.

Don’t apologize to them, they aren’t celebrities.

Prepare your cerebellums for maxium enjoyment.

A real friend would let me eat the garbage.

My ears are throwing up.