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Which Cast Member Stole Toilet Paper From HOME SWEET HOME ALONE Set?

Home Sweet Home Alone Movie Quotes

Home Sweet Home Alone is out on the Disney+ streaming service today, November 12th! The film is a sequel to the Home Alone franchise and even includes a cameo by Devin Ratray, who played Kevin’s brother Buzz in the original. Earlier this week, I attended the Home Sweet Home Alone press junket where we got all the behind the scenes secrets, including a little toilet paper thief by one of the main characters!

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Participating Talent

  • Archie Yates (“Max”)
  • Aisling Bea (“Carol”)
  • Ellie Kemper (“Pam”)
  • Rob Delaney (“Jeff”)
  • Ally Maki (“Mei”)

Home Sweet Home Alone Filmed During The Great Toilet Paper Shortage Of 2020

The 2020 pandemic wreaked havoc across the world, and this included the entertainment industry. Not only were movie releases delayed, due to theaters being closed, but also production on film sets shut down. The set of Home Sweet Home Alone shut down on March 13th of last year, right in the middle of the great toilet paper shortage of 2020! While many actors admit to keeping mementos from movie sets, Ellie Kemper admitted to taking toilet paper! She confesses, “Guys, I’m guilty of it. It’s what happened. I took a lot of toilet paper. I did because we had it in spades. We had it in spades and I took it with me, so I was one of the TP hoarders. I crossed border with it.” I mean who can blame her, am I right?

Home Sweet Home Alone Fun Facts

Check out more behind the scenes fun facts we learned from the cast of Home Sweet Home Alone:

  • Rob Delaney says they were required to do most of their own stunts.
  • Archie Yates took a lot of inspiration from the original Home Alone movies.
  • The second part of Home Sweet Home Alone was filmed during the pandemic. Aisling Bea jokes, claiming pranks weren’t allowed then.
  • Rob Delaney says the real villain of Home Sweet Home Alone is Max!
  • Archie Yates says working with Devin Ratray (Buzz in the original films) was “strangely awesome.”
  • Archie Yates wants to eventually direct and has even been working on writing a script.
  • Ally Maki has done a Disney+ film and a PIXAR film. She would now love to be in a Star Wars film!
  • Aisling Bea jokes that she would like to be the face of bad mothering!

Home Sweet Home Alone is streaming on Disney+ TODAY, November 12th!

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