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150+ Shocking THE WITCHER SEASON 2 Quotes

The Witcher Season 2 Quotes

The Witcher season 2 dropped on Netflix yesterday, December 17th. I have a review of the series below, so make sure to check it out! In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the new season. I love a good line, and this series had some truly shocking ones. Check out this list of 150+ of the best and most shocking Netflix The Witcher season 2 quotes.

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The Witcher Season 2 Parents Guide Review

The Witcher Season 2 Quotes

You won’t find her in your visions. She’s gone.

I’ve seen this.

We won because of her.

She has abandoned all rules of Chaos.

She wasn’t asking your permission.

This place never sleeps.

I’m not the one to slight the rite of hospitality, but I do need to know that she’s safe here.

She’s tougher than you think.

The world’s acting of its own strange accord these days.

It is not in my nature to be cruel. But you have taken someone from me, someone I care about deeply.

Your offering me up as a sacrifice?

It’s what eats you alive. Loneliness.

All human feelings and reactions are trained out of them. They are turned into monsters to kill other monsters.

I’ve never met anyone alone in the heart like you. Different.

Humans do bad things to everybody.

It flies.

He’s wrong. I don’t want to hurt you.

He’ll come for you too.

This is what you call free?

She was a monster.

You’re mortal now. Do it yourself.

When I say run, you run. When I say hide, you hide.

Fear is an illness. If you leave it untreated, it can consume you.

Facing your fear is not easy. But I am here for you. I won’t let anything happen to you.

Do you honor our elders?

Remember what happened the last time witchers shoved their noses into the drama of courts and kingdoms.

Faith’s a simple medicine for desperate souls.

Faith sustains us all in dark times.

We don’t kill out of fear. We kill to save lives.

So this is where witchers are hatched.

I thought the softest thing about you is you paid.

I understand you are in pain and you can drown that pain with whoever you want. Just not here.

Scary stories don’t really work.

Kids never do what you say.

Do what you do best. Stay and fight.

The path forward will be harder still.

The path to true strength lies not in humble faith, but in believing in oneself.

You want salvation? Then you’re bringing back the wrong elf.

To see your child live, you must live first amongst men.

I’m gonna let you bake some more. I want your desperation crisp.

You could help me.

Witchers fight, we run.

You did what you had to do.

The Witcher Season 2 Quotes

If she really is that evil, why did she let you go?

Nowhere’s safe now. You can’t run from the world, and you can’t hide from it. But you can find power and purpose. A chance to survive the horror.

This continent was meant for no one.

What’s the difference between a witcher and a heap of sh*t? Eventually, the sh*t will stop smelling.

I know this is dangerous, but now is not the time to be weak. It is the time to be strong.

Some things are far too scary for little girls.

You kiss your elven father with that mouth?

The only certainty on this Continent, boy, is that no one is ever what they seem.

That all you got, girl?

The white flame always finds a way.

I always pegged you as a pervert.

You are not a threat because you have lost your magic.

What is lost is lost.

You can do anything, doesn’t mean you have to.

You were never one to go quietly, were you?

Less than perfect means death.

It is in blindness we find our true strength.

Our most trusted advisors are becoming less and less trustworthy.

Don’t flatter yourself. I’m saving me.

The trail will test you. Force you to move beyond the pain, the fear, the failure. Until you become one with the killer yourself.

Trust the path you choose, and it will protect you.

As long as you listen, always listen.

You elf scum.

Prison didn’t exactly do you any favors.

It’s funny how quickly people forget about you when you are no longer any use to them, isn’t it?

Even traitors speak the truth.

Thankfully, men remain simple.

I won’t be here forever to protect her.

You witchers pretend to not have emotions, but you do.

That’s what did you in, isn’t it? They stole your power.

Everyone answers to someone eventually. Even you, I suspect.

You say you are mutants. That’s why you don’t understand what people feel. But the truth is you are choosing to be arseholes, aren’t you?

Never look a gift wh*re in the mouth.

You want to help the elves by joining a kingdom that regularly massacres whole villages?

My men are warriors now, but they were boys in pain first.

I’ve destroyed so many things. Please, just let me heal things for once.

You don’t get to play damsel in distress. That’s my job.

I’m sick of feeling lost.

It doesn’t matter if it’s true. It only matters if the people believe it.

The monsters aren’t new, they’re just new to here.

Child of Elder Blood, child of wrath. The time of contempt is nigh. The world will die amidist frost and be reborn of the new sun. Reborn of Elder Blood of the seed that has been sown. A seed that will not sprout, but will burst into flame.

You will destroy us all.

You are already enough, Cirilla. You are extraordinary.

We can’t kill our feelings. Our best chance is to kill the hatred we hold on to and move on.

I want my people to meet their liberator.

All alone in a world that hates you with no way to protect yourself.

I can smell your desires like rotten meat.

I’m the key to you getting your power back.

Whatever is running through that girl’s veins, whatever we made from it, it’s more dangerous than we know.

Be not afraid of her, for she is your friend.

She’s a princess. Kingdoms will want her for her status.

She’s a child of Destiny. There are forces at play larger than we know.You are a part of her, she is a part of you. But it is not enough.

Sensitive questions are our favorite.

I don’t mean to brag, but my tool is bigger and much more knowledgable.

You have the ability to break the cycle of hatred once and for all.

You weren’t alone in your pain.

It senses magic, and it isn’t mine. Which means you need to get us out of here.

If what you say about that girl’s power is true, you can’t help her.

Your pain is my pain.

He’s the father I never had.

The Witcher Season 2 Quotes

Our war is your war.

You can hang portraits off my nipples right now.

Lording’s for peacocks and pissants.

You’re not my usual type but you’ll do.

When you have power like this, never apologize.

If what she is saying is true, this child has the potential to end all war.

Your power. Seize it.

You never wanted this child in the first place, and now she has turned your world upside down.

That’s what friends do; they come back.

You are always so emotional.

Remember what you have.Magic.

When you had magic, you controlled the Chaos. But it’s controlled me.

Like father, like daughter.

You betrayed us.

She finds your weakness, the gaping wound in your heart, the thing that makes you feel hopeless, and she plunges her finger into it and makes it hurt so badly, you’d do anything.

Tell me what you want.

Ciri has to be eliminated. Daughter or demon, she has done too much damage.

Witchers don’t kill out of fear.

Because we’re elves. They hate us. They’ve always hated us. They need no other reason than the shape of our ears.

What witchers do best. Make a potion.

The baby gave them hope. A reason to live rather than die fighting.

You don’t want to escape.

It’s not a question of price. It’s a matter of cost.

I won’t let her have you, Ciri.

She is the future, and you’re in my way.

You know who you really are.

What has been need not always be.

You kill her, you kill Ciri.

Our hate is the pain she needs to grow stronger. Let’s not give her what she wants.

I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying right here, living within her.

Don’t let us down again. We’re your family.

You belong with us.

We are your family, and we need you.

I have to go home.

We’re safe now thanks to you.

We got our revenge. Let it end there.

I don’t want revenge. I want justice.

I don’t forgive you, Yennifer.

What is destined cannot be avoided.

You were the key to her future.