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60+ Eye-Opening DON’T LOOK UP Movie Quotes

Don't Look Up Movie Quotes

Don’t Look Up dropped in theaters this weekend, and will be coming to the Netflix streaming service on December 24th. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 60+ of the best and most eye-opening Don’t Look Up movie quotes.

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Don’t Look Up Parents Guide Movie Review

Don’t Look Up Movie Quotes

Look at the arc on that thing. My God, it’s crazy.

Now you got me pumped.

I’ve been running it all day and I keep getting the same result. A direct hit.

Isn’t that an extinct level hit?

Is this really happening?

This can’t be happening.

We call him Teddy cause he ain’t no teddy bear.

Yes. But I really don’t give a sh*t right now.

I heard this is a comet or asteroid or something you don’t like the looks of.

This comet is what we call “a planet killer.”

We must act now.

Don't Look Up Movie Quotes

The decision you are making is to sit tight and assess?

One good thing happened to me today.

I can’t think of another president I’d rather see in Playboy.

The calculations are credible.

A comet that is bigger than the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs is headed to Earth.

You guys discussed a comet? That’s so dope.

Why don’t you mind your own business, you old f*ck?

It would damage the entire planet, not just a house.

We are trying to tell you that the entire planet is about you be destroyed.

A spoonful of Xanax helps the medicine go down.

Everyone should be panicking right now. Don’t cry.

I gotta use my voice to get the truth out there.

Unless you a**h*les are taking me to the bat cave, f*ck you for putting this hood on me.

I will resign in grace first thing tomorrow.

Washington always has to have a hero.

Isn’t that from “Saving Private Ryan?”

As long as you do the right thing, we are there.

I will be 100% behind this effort, no matter my feelings about you.

Our best and our brightest. They are on the job.

Tell me we’re all going to die.

And we are supposed to trust you? The comet’s got your name.

I just despise the “getting to know you” parts of relationships.

Your nation thanks you, your planet thanks you, and I thank you.

Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done.

All those proud white folks down below, God bless you.

It means that angels soar to the heavens.

You are now the Chief Science Advisor to the White House.

Science tells the truth, Randall.

What are these trillions of dollars going to matter if we’re all gonna die?

It’s already a complete disaster.

We’re people just like you. We deserve to know.

They are gonna let a comet hit the planet to make a bunch of rich people even more disgustingly rich.

All men have choices, Randall. You just gotta choose good ones.

Don't Look Up Movie Quotes

No politics. None.

The division in this country is bad enough. We don’t want that in our house.

I guess I’ll just tell our sons your dad is f*cking the lady on television.

You are a stone-cold legend.

Do you think you know Doctor?

You are a lifestyle idealist.

Your death was so unremarkable and boring.

The truth is way more depressing.

What have we done to ourselves? How do we fix it?

Why did you do that? I really liked you, and I despise most people.

There you are.

It’s horrific and it’s beautiful at the same time.

They’re finally seeing it.

Just look up.

They want you to look up because they are looking their noses down on you.

This pin represents up and down.

I think we’re all tired of the politics.

I’m grateful we tried.

We really did have everything, didn’t we?

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