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Emily In Paris Season 2 Quotes

Netflix’s Emily in Paris Season 2 is now available on the streaming service! I have a review of the season down below, so make sure to check it out. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the new season of the series. Check out these 65+ of the best Emily in Paris season 2 quotes.

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Emily In Paris Season 2 Parents Guide Review

Emily In Paris Season 2 Quotes

You look like you just lost a follower.

It’s like I came to Paris, and suddenly I’m Pam Spicer.

How can I go back to a man whose ego is so fragile that he’d rather move away than accept my family’s support?

Oh Emily, you are getting more French by the day.

You do know a little French.

All French pans look alike.

I can’t believe the girl I stayed in Paris for doesn’t want to be with me.

He’s not my boyfriend!

It’s illegal to work on the weekend in France.

And you will have magically unslept with her boyfriend.

Stop trying to fix everything. You are just making more work for everyone else. On a weekend, it’s illegal.

You are going to start having to live with the consequences of your infidilty.

That dirt bag is my husband.

I had a crazy weekend with my friends, and it’s exactly what I needed.

Chef on your left!

I’m all about doing the right thing now, with clients and neighbors.

Emily is one of the good ones.

Emily In Paris Season 2 Quotes

I prefer American men. I mean, they are so big and hairy. And they seem very easy, too.

I like his big head.

To think about life is to contemplate death.

I don’t want to throw away what we have.

I think butter is where Chicago and Paris meet.

She pretended to be my friend while she had an affair with my boyfriend. And to my boyfriend, who f*cked my fake friend.

She put an omelette pan in our toilet, Em.

Who puts their initials on a pan?

If it’s okay with you, I would be more comfortable conducting our business in French. There are nuances about my family’s company that cannot be discussed in English, I’m afraid.

Learn French. For starters.

Talent like yours is worth a lot more than that.

You can’t talk your way out of this one, Emily. You don’t have the vocabulaire.

I think most girls would forgive you, but a French girl? Nah.

Don’t laugh at the leek.

I can’t just magically transformed into someone who can sleep with a friend’s boyfriend and not care.

You took me to a movie about a menage a trois?

I’ve been meaning to tell you, you’ve been using dog shampoo, Miss.

From Madam PiPi to scant queen.

What’s “I didn’t know he was your boyfriend when I kissed him” in French?

I’m very sorry I hurt you. You welcome me to Paris, I’m happy for your friend. Do you believe I miss me? I like you most, daughter. I am sad that I am naughty. I forgive your lost heart. I very need you to talk and hear, please. Love forever, Emily.

I don’t understand why you did what you did, just like I don’t understand a f*cking word in your letter. Leave me alone, you illiterate sociopath.

Unlike magic leek soup, there is no quick fix for betraying a friend.

Americans are very good at capitalizing on love.

If you’re gonna do Paris for one year, for God’s sake, do it right.

Can you accept nature, Emily? Must you control everything?

I hope you both find your grades as funny.

Emily In Paris Season 2 Quotes

Your life in Paris is far more interesting than mine.

You do know some French.

I want you to be happy, Emily. I just didn’t want to have to see it.

You can never predict the course of a man’s life.

Everybody is looking for a French daddy.

So you want me as your secret lover?

There’s nothing I love more than growth.

He negotiated his deal with a man, and this place is now run by two strong women.

I’m not interested in playing second fiddle to some other guy.

The way I’m starting to feel about you, for me, it is real.

This is not how we run our company.

You take care of your business, I take care of mine.

How are you gonna serve this much a** at Marie Antionette’s house and not call it “Let Them Eat Cake?”

Do you see what happens when we’re all on the same page?

I’m glad she’s with a good guy.

We’re impressed upon to enhance our bodies, but we’re not supposed to talk about it.

You magnificent, b*tch.

Long live the king.

I will never understand you and you will never understand me.

Don’t we need to replace the experience that we lost?

What did I come to? An unemployment party?

You are not making a major life decision based on a manipulative pinky swear.

This isn’t just a fun year abroad anymore. This is your life.

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