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70+ Disturbing NIGHTMARE ALLEY Quotes

Nightmare Alley Quotes

Nightmare Alley is dropping in theaters on Friday, December 17th. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the movie. Check out these 70+ of the best and most disturbing Nightmare Alley quotes.

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Nightmare Alley Parents Guide Movie Review

Nightmare Alley Quotes

Sucking on the blood of reptiles and birds, like a baby feeding on its mother’s milk.

Let’s get this F*cker.

Those other guys are looking for you.

You’re going to kill him. Jesus kid.

Would a steady job be of any interest to you, young buck?

Folks here, they don’t pay a mind to you or what you’ve done.

You familiar with those cards? TAROT, very powerful stuff.

You’re easy on the eyes, honey.

Maybe. They’re real bad for me.

The only spirits I can control is right here in this bottle.

It ain’t hope if it’s a lie.

He loved that watch. That was his pride, my father.

People are desperate to tell you who they are. Desperate to be seen.

Everybody has some trouble. Someone they’ve hurt. A shadow of their past.

It’s always a father.

He’s breaking my heart.

These are my little angels.

Aren’t we virtuous?

Tow the line. Don’t f*ck with me.

Nightmare Alley Quotes

It’s been some time since anyone has asked me to teach them anything.

You’re better than this place.

Maybe all of this is good enough for me.

I don’t know about all you gobbley goops, but I’m not leaving this. That’s for sure.

Hurt that girl, you get them all.

That’s a man after my own heart.

I want to give you the world and everything in it.

Don’t pretend you give a sh*t with me.

Poor soul.

If you’re good at reading people, it’s something you learned as a child.

This book, it can be misused.

When a man believes his own lies, he believes he has too much power. He’s got shut eye.

No man can outrun God.

Don’t try to pull this legal stuff. We are gonna shut this place down one way or another.

It’s only about being merciful to others that a man has true power.

I’m ready to leave all this behind to go with you.

Everyone knows you’re the one I’ve been pining after.

You say you’re genuine, and I say you use some sort of trick.

Madam, you are not powerful. Not powerful enough.

Sometimes you have dark thoughts about yourself.

She came after me and I had to take her down.

I was thinking you and I could make a pretty big dent in this town.

You run a racket, same as me.

Nightmare Alley Quotes

Find out what they’re afraid of and sell it back to them.

Dames like you always have mommy issues, daddy ones too.

Is that why you’re here? To look at me?

I give you a little information and you tell me the truth.

Don’t write anything down, this is not a carnival trick.

He had his fair shake, he just blew it.

I’m nothing like my old man, and I never will be.

Nothing. That word again. We are gonna work on that.

You said yourself, there’s no such thing as bad cards, depends on what you do with it.

You barely know me.

I know you’re no good and I know that because neither am I.

I’m dying in here, Stan.

There was a child, there was a baby. You forced her to miscarry, didn’t you?

You gotta leave money to get money.

If your foot slips, we both fall.

If you displease the right people, the world collapses in on you very, very fast.

Nothing can hold you back.

He can unburden his soul and he can forgive himself.

All that suffering he has, we can deliver him some hope.

I don’t know why he bothers with you.

I know what I did and what I’m going to do if this goes on any further.

I’m so scared sometimes, I can’t even breathe.

Everybody’s left me in my life. Don’t leave me please.

I’ve had enough.

You’re such a disappointment.

You don’t fool people, Stan. They fool themselves.

Am I powerful enough for you now, Stan?

I’ll live.

I don’t hire no boozers. Beat it.

I was born for it.

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