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Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Season 4 Quotes

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Season 4 Quotes

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous season 4 is now on Netflix!  The hit series has been steadily dropping new seasons and fans are loving it! Because I love sharing some of the best quotes from movies and series I enjoy, I jotted down some of my favorite lines from this one! Check out this list of the best Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous season 4 quotes.

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Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Season 4 Quotes

Are we really off the island, or is this a dream?

How you all survived, I’ll never know.

Of course, a stowaway.

When you have to do the right thing, I’d like to see you put this group first. For once.

We got each other’s backs for life, Junior.

I do make everything look easy.

Water and food? What is it, our birthdays?

No people. No help. Just questions.

I told you we time traveled.

You may not be fearless-island-Ben but you’re not scared-camp-Ben either. Maybe no, you’re finally just ben.

Remember how, like 5 minutes ago, we were in a desert?

Yeah. We are an elite band of teenage secret agents.

Whatever you do, do not go down there. Super dangerous.

As far as caves go, this one is pretty swank.

Did he seriously follow us all the way from the boat?

I don’t think she has any idea Mantah Corp is bad news, which makes them double evil lying liars!

Primary directive is to protect biome ecostasis. Unrecognized lifeforms pose a threat to ecostasis. Finishing patrol.

How can understanding dinosaurs be bad?

jurassic world camp cretaceous season 4 quotes

Their aggression levels are off the charts. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

There goes the one place we were supposed to be safe.

Time to find out what they are doing to my dinosaurs.

They’re adding things that make the dinos more aggressive and inhibit their ability to feel pain.

Poor things are still hurt.

You do realize that is Mantah Corp snow.

I’m not gonna let Mantah Corp hurt one more creature.

Pretty sure this isn’t his preferred mode of travel, but he’s hanging in like a champ.

I get saving Pierce was the right thing to do, but stopping and helping dinosaurs cost us getting home… again!

Are you telling me we lost a BRAD and a dinosaur?

We have to stay until we fix this, however long it takes.

Someone must be here giving counter orders.

Cash is a harmless blow-hard with a penchant for bad music and even worse tattoos.

Cash is the one who blackmailed my family.

I thought you all were my friends?

Communicating with dinosaurs. Wow, May, you’ve been busy.

If you all hadn’t stopped me, I’d probably be dead right now.

It’s okay if you’re still struggling. These things aren’t fix overnight.

I’m the luckiest guy alive. Another human! I’m saved.

I figure making them is crazy expensive, butif you lose one every fight, you either have a lot of them or a ton of dough.

I could’ve stopped it, but I just wanted to get my friends home.

It’s be a lot easier if I didn’t have to tip toe around you.

Imagine the kind of power you’d have if stone-cold killers did your bidding.

I’m gonna find you, little brother.

jurassic world camp cretaceous season 4 quotes

I see you found your new babysitter. or rather, its found you.

Let’s go hack a BRAD.

Go big or go home.

You’re even bigger than I thought.

I can eat nachos while I beat these punks lizards.

Girls! You try to be nice, they either snub you or they bite you. You just can’t win.

Let her feel her feelings.

Don’t make excuses for your failures, kid. Just be better.

She’s safe. Thanks to you.

If I don’t name her, I won’t get attached. Then I won’t hurt so much when I have to leave her behind.

Nailed it. Or rather, chipped it.

Enough is enough. We have to take Kash down.

Let’s go, little dude.

Time to go night-night, Kash.

I promise you, I will not let anyone hurt you again. You remind me of her.

You are all so incredible.

Welcome to the family Firecracker. You and Bumpy would’ve really gotten along.

I don’t need a chart. I’ve got my instincts.

I’m so glad everything is back to normal.

The the whole point of science, Ben, to prove things.

It’s no wonder you got outsmarted by a child.

We don’t need a push, we just need a minute.

I’m not crying because I’m sad. I’m crying because I’m mad at you, Yaz.

You were right, boss. Dumb kid did have help.