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35+ Killer Netflix TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Quotes

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Quotes

Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre drops on the streaming service tomorrow, February 18th. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 35+ of the best and most killer Netflix Texas Chainsaw Massacre quotes.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 Parents Guide Movie Review

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Quotes

In the summer of 1973, a few miles outside of Austin, Texas, five youths were attacked in a grisly and gruesome fashion by an unidentified madman.

He’s said to have worn a mask of human skin.

She must have looked for that maniac for more than 30, or 40 years.


Who has such a small d*ck they need to walk around in public with a f*cking gun?

The only way to deal with an evasive species is to eradicate them.

Sorry if a big gun makes you feel uncomfortable.

Real change is here.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Quotes

Please, be respectful of the town.

When Harlow sunflower blooms, winter is doomed.

So, Harlow is a ghost town.

This is a place for people to start fresh somewhere without the violence and the madness.

We are idealistic individuals who want to build a better world.

Wish I’d known y’all were coming. I’d put my face on.

Was this about my flag? You got me all wrong. I’ve taken care of many boys like you over the years.

You watch your mouth, boy.

He’s the last of my boys. He needs special care.

It just needs a fresh coat of paint.

Baby, be the good boy I taught you to be. Stay out of my room.

Sheriff, I think she croaked.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Quotes

I’m a Texan. I don’t like people telling me what to do, especially smug, self-righteous, rich, city folk.

Everyone expects me to do something special with my life now, and I can only disappoint them.

He’s wearing her face.

Please tell me we didn’t kick her out of her own house.

I fear no evil. I fear no evil.

Try anything and you’re canceled, bro.

It’s him, isn’t it? Leatherface.

Fifty years, I’ve been waiting for this night. Just to see him again.

Looks like it’s you that he wants. You need to stay until I kill him.

I was supposed to die at school that day. So, death followed me here.

Remember me now? I’m the one that got away, and I’m here to make sure you don’t.

You are the strongest person I know. You never needed me.

I’m sorry for what I did to your momma. She didn’t deserve that.

Don’t run. If you run, he’ll never stop haunting you.

I changed my mind, actually. I’ll move here with you.

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