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85+ Netflix’s VIKINGS: VALHALLA Quotes

Netflix's Vikings Valhalla Quotes

Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla drops on the streaming service this Friday, February 25th. I will have a series review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 85+ of the best Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla quotes.

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Netflix’s Vikings Valhalla Quotes

May the Lord guide you back to Norway, brother.

We’ve been here so long, many of us don’t recognize our own language.

I order that all Vikings living on this island be exterminated.

After a long voyage on a small boat, I think a lot of things would sound good.

I won’t stop until I get my revenge, and you know that.

Over 100 years ago, a great Viking army set off for England to avenge the death of Ragnar Lothbrok. It achieved its goal.

A year ago, all that changed and a slaughter began.

You are here because you are Vikings!

Do not confuse tolerance with forgiveness. My eyes are always wide open.

I feel cleansed.

I think who took advantage of whom is up for debate.

Is it really as green as it sounds?

You married a Norman. We create nightmares.

I don’t believe that ghosts can hurt me. But I do believe that Vikings can.

Necessity creates unusual allies.

When you return, you will be king. But unless you are successful, you won’t have a long rule.

All things are possible if our minds are open.

Change is happening, and we must be ready.

I’m not king material.

Stop blaming the Christians for your fears.

Leave this place in the name of the one true God, Jesus Christ.

Raiding becomes you.

As a Viking, my goal is revenge. But as a Christian, I employ the virtues my Savior taught me, forgiveness, mercy, and love.

You came here to make the world forget about him and remember you.

I’d rather learn from my victories instead of defeats.

I’m not your enemy, Your Highness. Your arrogance is.

The God’s must have a plan for you.

Take England’s king, you take England.

You are asking me to risk ten thousand lives on the actions of six.

I know what the weight of a powerful father feels like.

You also know the desire to stand in your own light.

You must be the leader of the Vikings we’ve been hearing for days and smelling for a week.

Do not play games with me, boy.

I am not angry. I am murderous.

I saved you because I could not save England. A rotten house cannot be repaired. It must be torn down in order to build a better one.

I am the past, the present, the future. I am the reason you are here.

You think we are born with all the knowledge? We make the tools we need.

Sometimes rewards can be gained without a fight.

May his name never be forgotten by our people, or thought of again as someone else’s son.

How does glory feel, brother?

You’d do worse than have a strong friend at your back, as opposed to an impetuous boy.

Miracles, like deals with the devil, come with strings attached.

In my faith, we baptize babies in case they die young, so they will not be damned in the fires of hell.

You must be the one with the cross on her back.

I was expecting a warrior. You’re just a girl.

Netflix's Vikings Valhalla Quotes

A man who asks for nothing is someone I cannot trust.

You are the last. The last daughter of Uppsalla.

I intend to forge a great empire in the north, whose shield will bring you peace and whose wealth we will all enjoy.

What I have seen has changed me.

Not every Christian is bad. All religions have flaws. Yours and mine.

Greenlanders who came to pay a debt for one, but stayed to save us all.

For without the Greenlanders, London Bridge would still be standing, but we would not.

He’s no hero. He’s a Christian lover and probably a Christian himself.

I promise on Odin to protect Kattegat until death.

As you protect me, so I you.

It’s brought you luck once, you might need it tonight, if you are asking me back to your bed.

What do you run from, boy?

No. Not frightened, empowered by the one true God.

Now you want to know, is it your sword that holds the cross, or hers? Even Chistians can’t resist picking my bones for a glimpse of their destiny.

Netflix's Vikings Valhalla Quotes

Because cursed is he who keeps his sword for bloodshed in the name of God.

For love, I will give everything. Myself, my family, even my gods.

I would set aside my destiny for you.

Delicate is another thing I am not.

He said that his God has ordered him to destroy Kattegat and kill you.

I don’t need your promise. I can deliver justice myself.

They bow their heads out of fear, not respect.

God has instructed me to build a great church in Kattegat, with a spire that reaches to Heaven. A beacon so that all who see it may know the love of Jesus.

And that is the king we are following.

I have the Nobles. I have the power.

I’m beginning to see what my son admires in you.

I prefer my fate to be in my own hands.

Surely, you are astute enough to realize that if a wolf is roaming your halls and warming itself by your fires, it must be considering you its dinner.

I promise to be worthy of Kattegat.

The good of the kingdom requires that I acknowledge the existing marriage of Queen Aelfgifu and my son.

The tent of Christ has room for all.

You would be wise to listen to all voices trying to help your cause.

God has answered my prayers with many men. Gathered to cleanse the heathen scourge and help begin anew in Christ.

For as long as snow has fallen, my people have worshipped the same gods. Gods your family once knew.

My people do not fear death. They know that if they fight to their last breath, they will have earned a seat at Odin’s table.

If my people die from this war you have brought to my front door, they die with honor, not shame.

Look to the heavens and sea, to know where your salvation lies.

You promised you would never fight against us. I see now what your love is worth.

The cross that carries the sword was never you. It was my destiny.

You are the Queen, Your Highness. Just not England’s Queen.

Never let traitors go unpunished.