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40+ Hilarious THE LOST CITY 2022 Quotes

The Lost City 2022 Quotes

The Lost City 2022 is coming to theaters this Friday, March 25th. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 40+ of the best and most hilarious The Lost City 2022 quotes.

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The Lost City 2022 Parents Guide Movie Review

The Lost City 2022 Quotes

I would choose your words carefully. They will be your last.

Everything is set for the book tour, but now I need a book to tour.

I feel like a nerdy figure skater.

Do I need to be wearing a glitter onsie?

He’s a body wash commercial. He’s always glistening all over the place.

You know, you are not Dash, right? He is a character I’ve made up.

I’m not helping any more handsome strangers. Fool me once, no more.

This is our last chance to find both the tomb and the crown.

The D exposed itself.

Oh no, just the tip.

The Lost City 2022 Quotes

I bet your brother never had to kidnap anyone.

I called her a human mummy.

I should go with you, just for back up and awesomeness.

Stay close, stay alive.

Why are you so handsome?

I think his braids are on my face.

Jungles eat people like us.

I’m feeling faint. They are sucking my soul out.

Have you seen what I’m wearing? I’m in a glitter straight jacket.

That’s my hoo-hoo.

Sweeter after difficulty.

I touched your engorged sacs.

I’m gonna flip this thing like a cruise ship.

Have you ever murdered someone?

If you think about murdering me, I promise you, I will murder you first.

How could I be this embarrassed by something that makes them this happy?

I thought you, of all people, wouldn’t be the one to judge a book by its cover.

Judge a book by its cover model.

You are basically a walking disco ball.

It’s my brain that’s valuable.

The Lost City 2022 Quotes

I’m a feminist and I think a woman can do whatever a man can do.

Don’t do mean stuff on a bike.

This is so much better than your books.

This is the first time I’ve seen you totally unafraid and alive.

Is that a Ken doll on a motorbike?

Kill him creatively.

She just wanted to be alive.

We didn’t come all this way to just pay our respects.

You may have bought the island, but now the island owns you.

I was so worried about being hurt again, that I just stopped living.

I told you I got your back, girl.