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Collection Of Best EPIX FROM Quotes

Epix From Quotes

Epix’s FROM dropped on the streaming service a few weeks ago. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out this collection of the best Epix FROM quotes.

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Epix From Parents Guide Review

Epix From Quotes

Good girl.

Denial is a major branch of our family tree.

I promise and I would never break a promise.

Sometimes life is hard, kid.

You got kids, you nail the windows shut.

A man protects his family.

You’re like a poem, you know that? You make everything around you beautiful.

They seem like a cheery group.

These woods are not safe after dark.

I don’t want to bury more kids.

I don’t trust these people. There’s something really weird.

They’re coming.

They are not people, and they are not here to help.

We got runners on the hill!

I know you’re scared, but are you really going to let those people die?

Everyone in this house, everyone in this town, have been exactly where you are right now.

This, unfortunately, is going to be the worst conversation of your life.

Everybody here is just doing the best they can.

Epix From Quotes

If you climb high enough, even a nightmare can look like a dream.

Started skinning her with its hands in the street, just like we used to skin those deer.

They weren’t just killing her; they were torturing her. They like to hunt, they like to play, so they were making it last.

I saw the Lake of Tears. It was a drawing on the wall.

I hear their voices, and it’s just like the broken glass.

They know there are just so many places they can go.

She said you were hard on people cause you had to be. Made the decisions cause other people couldn’t. You were the one that was going to get everyone home.

I wasn’t always like this, ya know.

It’s not quite my Giacometti, but it’ll do.

They go on with their lives because that reality is part of the world they live in.

We call that the box. It’s our only form of punishment we have here.

This is what happens when you break the rules.

I don’t know about you, but my nightmares usually don’t serve breakfast.

If you see that friend of yours, tell him Victor says hello.

Toby, you’re a f*cking genius.

I built a g-d d*mn box as a detterant. It was supposed to scare people.

You built a guitine in the town square. What happens when the people find out you lack the conviction to use it?

There is a fine line between savagery and consequence.

If I would’ve been just a little stronger, there might have been a Christmas left waiting for us at home.

Remember what you are living for.

The only two things I love in this world are gone.

I promise you, she will be looked after.

I’m ready.

Welcome our newest family member.

We share everything here.

You gonna mention in your little service, how you are the one that wanted him dead?

I’ve done a f*ck ton of drugs, I know what hallucenations feel like.

That’s the difference between you and me, I don’t do impossible.

He chose you, just like he chose me once.

Epix From Quotes

You can’t keep punishing yourself, Boyd. She wouldn’t want that.

You need to be the one to lead these people home. Because if you don’t, then she died for nothing.

There are no mistakes, just choices, and your choice was right for you.

I just feel so, broken.

I was just trying to get a head start this time.

I’m not going to let those things take this place from me. They’ve already taken so much already.

You guys are like rats in a maze, sitting there, contentedly nibbling on your cheese.

I think this place is special. I know it tries to hurt people, but maybe it tries to help people too.

Is there anyone trying to help?

There are always going to be monsters in the world, it doesn’t matter where you are. But I promised myself I will never let them scare the life out of me.

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