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Hulu’s THE DROPOUT Parents Guide Review

Hulu’s The Dropout is a compelling take on the Elizabeth Holme scandal. Amanda Seyfried is the best part of the show. Check out the details in my parents guide review.

The Dropout Parents Guide

Hulu’s first few episodes of The Dropout hit the streaming service yesterday, March 3rd. The series centers around Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes, a Stanford drop-out who jump started her medical industry business, Theranos. Holmes is played by Amanda Seyfriend, who gives a remarkable performance, as well as having the “look” for the character. Check out the details in my parents guide review.

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Hulu’s The Dropout Quotes

The Dropout Parents Guide

The Dropout stars Amanda Seyfried as Holmes, whom we first meet as an aspiring Stanford student with powerful ambition. But when she meets future business partner Sunny Balwani (Naveen Andrews) and hatches a far-fetched plan to invent a device that can test blood remotely for certain conditions, Holmes gets caught in circumstances beyond her control and is ultimately brought down and revealed for the fraud she always was.

The Dropout Parents Guide

The Dropout Age Appropriate Parents Guide

Let’s take a look at what parents need to know before letting their kids watch The Dropout.

Langauge: The Dropout contains harsh language, with profanity used throughout. Lookout words include: f*ck, sh*t, p*&&y, d*mn, and more.

Mature Content: The series deals with some adult themes, centering around a scam. There is a sexual assault, which is a big plot point. However, no scenes of the attack are shown. Sex scenes are included in the show; moans can be heard as well. There is also a scene in which a character has their window shot out while sitting in their vehicle. The characters are also shown consuming alcohol.

***This review reflects only the first three episodes of The Dropout.

Overall Thoughts

The best part of Hulu’s The Dropout is the performance given by Amanda Seyfried, who plays Elizabeth Holmes. Not only does Seyfried look the part, donning Holmes’ classic red lipstick, hair pulled back, and black turtleneck, while also nailing Holmes’ odd and mysterious demeanor the public has come to know. The series even highlights Holmes’ transformation in her tone of voice, giving her a much deeper voice than in her earlier days, and includes many clips of Holmes practicing her voice transition in front of the mirror.

Popular shows being released as of late, which center on females being the center of notorious scandals, such as Netflix’s Inventing Anna, The Dropout is a welcome addition to the genre. It contains solid writing and storytelling. It’s fast-paced and flawlessly mixes the events that played out in real time while also giving perfectly placed flashbacks of Holmes’ early life and rise to become CEO of Theranos.

For those who recently completed Inventing Anna and may be looking for a similar type of story, The Dropout is the show for you. As I said, these shows are becoming extremely popular these days, and with The Thing About Pam (the Pam Hupp story) releasing next week as well, there is no shortage of women in nefarious roles. To balance it out, I would like to see some more stories soon about powerful women shown in a positive light. But for now, I’m glued to the set with what we’ve got!

The Dropout Parents Guide