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50+ Touching UNDONE SEASON 2 Quotes

Undone Season 2 Quotes

Amazon Prime Video Undone season 2 dropped on the streaming service today, April 29th. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 50+ of the best and most heartfelt Amazon Prime Video Undone season 2 quotes.

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Undone Season 2 Parents Guide Review

Undone Season 2 Quotes

Please tell me you found her.

You can’t do this to me again.

I’m crying because I can’t be who everyone thinks I am.

Tell him Bora Bora is bora boring without her.

I hope your life will be perfect now and that everyone will love you.

You’ve been here for everything. My whole life.

The appearance that we are separate is merely an illusion.

You’re my life now, and I’m happy.

Congrats, I guess, at having unprotected sex.

It would be nice to know if there are other people like us.

Put the past in the past and let’s focus on the future.

You always try to make me feel better by playing the rainbow song.

You just tapped into Dad’s fears of mom leaving him.

Undone Season 2 Quotes

The love they have for each other, is maybe what I have been looking for since and could never find.

If you open yourself up to her memories, like you did in there, then maybe you can break through to what she is hiding.

You have the power to fix anything we do. This is the way.

Did you get that from a meme?

Have you tried being quiet?

She rented a room in this house while she mended a heartbreak.

Everything was fine until you two started digging.

I don’t want to be that man again.

I feel like I lost something. Something is missing.

There’s something that’s been with your mother since I met her, and I don’t know what it is.

Where are you taking my baby?

You reflect her, but you are not her. Once you understand yourself, you will know what you want.

We have to go find your mother.

If people knew I was your son, would it be so easy to accept me?

Just admit it, you’re ashamed of me.

I’m tired of being part of what you’re hiding.

What is this other life that you and dad changed?

If you’re trying to get to me, it’s not going to work.

Can we stop talking about this? My chest is like a broken window.

Some things are too broken to fix.

Undone Season 2 Quotes

What is this other life you won’t tell me about?

The three of us together, we’re unstoppable.

I never knew my grandmother was a mystic.

I know I do things you don’t understand, but just know that your momma is there deep down.

I wanted to be more like Momma. I wanted to help people.

They died because of me.

Her reality is shifting. Who knows what can happen?

You’re part of us. And we forgive you.

My mother’s life was plagued by difficulties. But she found a way to forgive herself and others.

Maybe that is why she said our hardest work is always our best.

Sometimes it’s hard to conceive how much good one word or one action can do. But all our lives are connected.

We can’t go back to a life where Alejedro was abandoned.

Maybe that is what we’re ultimately meant to do here. Face ourselves for the sake of our relationships. For the people we love.

I can’t believe he’s gone because I can still feel the tug of that tie.

She doesn’t know it could be better.

I’ve been telling everyone to face their truth, and this is my truth.

Don’t forget me.

Let’s go home.