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50+ Powerful Hulu’s THE PRINCESS Movie Quotes

Hulu's The Princess Movie Quotes

Hulu’s The Princess drops on the streaming service today, Friday, July 1st. I will have a movie review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 50+ of the best and most powerful Hulu’s The Princess movie quotes.

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Hulu’s The Princess Movie Quotes

If you wake her up, I’m going to break your face.

Got a little fight in ya, eh?

You’re gonna get married, like it or not.

You two were cut from the same cloth. Weak. Pathetic.

I will marry your sister because I always get what I want.

You have no respect for the order of things.

People don’t know what they want until they see it.

You should be locked up with the others.

Someone needs to teach you your place.

The Princess Movie Quotes

A true warrior is defined not by how she fights but what she is fighting for.

In the future, keep her out of view of the palace. The king would not approve.

Look at the bruises; they tell a story.

I like a girl in lace.

Watch your language; you are in the presence of a princess.

You’re not fighting from your heart.

You are right. She has a warrior’s heart.

Why not take the throne by force? You can get what you want without her.

With her hand in mine, there isn’t a soul who will question whether I am the rightful king.

Violence wakes people up.

Who exactly holds the power in this kingdom?

Treason will only lead to more bloodshed.

No one has to pretend to listen to you now, you useless harlot.

We have no son, no heir.

I have a solution.

Let me train as a knight instead.

But you will sell me to the bedroom of a man I hardly know.

Now I see you are just an impetuous girl who only thinks of herself.

This kingdom is relying on you.

My mother always said that pain is beauty.

You think I’m gonna let you have all the fun for yourself?

All you had to do was accept a ring, instead you made a mess.

Why did you go to all this trouble? Be the weak little person you were meant to be.

I was born this way.

I will hold in my delicate hands your still beating heart.

The real power is not from your blade, but from your heart.

It seems so childish now, me telling you that I want to be a warrior.

Let’s get you ready.

Hulu's The Princess

Little Violet can’t hide forever. We will find her.

I want to fight too.

I underestimated you.

Get to safety.

It looks like you got me to the alter after all.

Your parents wept the day you were born. I was there. They were so upset you weren’t a man.

I heard yours wept for the same reason.

Here she is, your pretty princess, kneeling before the new king.

The power is aquired on the throne.

I will rule with aggression like no one else before.

The kingdom is ours again.

The daughters of this kingdom make their own fate, just as my daughter has done today.

Let the people see their future leader for who she is.

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