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55+ Terrifying NOPE Movie Quotes

Nope Movie Quotes

Jordan Peele’s NOPE is dropping in theaters this Friday, July 22nd. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 55+ of the best and most terrifying Nope movie quotes.

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Nope Parents Guide Movie Review

Nope Movie Quotes

You know they’re gonna bring us back for the sequel.

You good?

We like to say, since the moment pictures could move, we had skin in the game.

Tell the horse we’re ready to do one more.

Thank you for the opportunity.

You are a liability right now.

The offer I made your dad is still on the table.

Oh, d*mn.

I guess you don’t want to see what is good in that liquor cabinet then, huh?

I f*ck one on occassion sometimes.

Nope Movie Quotes

That man was hard headed as f*ck and so are you.

Pops did something when he made this place.

Where he go?

Tonight I heard Ghostmake a sound I never heard a horse make.

How you doing? You look pretty.

The Oprah shot.

F*cking CW.

Oh, no. You guys are doing something shady.

You’ll know soon enough.


They trying to prank Haywood? It’s on.

OJ, it’s in the cloud.

Run, OJ, run.

F*cking preying mantis. If I ever see them, I’m gonna eat them.

I’ve never seen some sh*t like this.

Ghost out there acting all terrotorial. I guess some animals ain’t fit to be trained.

It’s the dream you never wake up from.

It’s about the sh*t dreams are made of, baby.

Holy sh*t, it’s real.

It’s good, but it ain’t it. It ain’t Oprah.

What if it’s not a ship?

I’m gonna get Lucky.

NOPE Movie Quotes

What if I told you in about an hour, you’ll leave here different?

Just to be clear, what we saw was a flying saucer. No doubt about that.

This is new. They are early.

They’re giving us a real show today.

I was right. It ain’t a ship.

We’re in trouble.

Something very bad is happening.

Nobody wants to talk about that.

I’m not going back to the monster umbrella.

It’s gonna get hungry again.

He got caught up trying to tame a predator.

Who’s gonna go out and get the star from his trailer?

We know people are gonna come and do what they always do. They are gonna try to take it out themselves.

Anything with a spirit can get broke.

Time to wake up the family.

How exquisitely stupid is that?

We’re gonna get you today, mother f*cker.

You don’t look like a nobody to me.

F*ck, guys. It’s TMZ.

The light, it’s gonna be magic.

We don’t deserve the impossible.

It’s gonna f*ck you up.