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AppleTV+ BLACK BIRD Parents Guide Review

AppleTV+ Black Bird is the best and most chilling true-crime drama of the year. Perfectly cast, this series will hook you in and not let go. Check out the details in my parents guide review.

Black Bird Parents Guide

AppleTV+ Black Bird drops its first episodes on the streaming service tomorrow, July 8th. The series has a star-studded cast that includes Taron Egerton (Rocketman) and Paul Walter Hauser (Richard Jewell). Based on a true crime story and written by Dennis Lehane (Shutter Island), this one hits it out of the ballpark. Check out the details in my parents guide review.

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AppleTV+ Black Bird Quotes

Black Bird Parents Guide

AppleTV+ Black Bird is inspired by a true story. As Jimmy Keene begins a 10-year prison sentence, he gets an incredible offer: If he can elicit a confession from suspected killer Larry Hall, Jimmy will be freed. Completing this mission becomes the challenge of a lifetime.

AppleTV+ BLACK BIRD Parents Guide

Black Bird Age Appropriate Parents Guide

Let’s take a look at what parents need to know before letting their kids watch AppleTV+ Black Bird.

Language: Black Bird contains extremely strong language, with profanity used throughout. Lookout words include: f*ck, sh*t, b*tch, p*&&y, a**h*le, d*mn, and more.

Sexual Content/Nudity: The series has sexual scenes, which include showing intercourse and thrusting, as well as nudity, revealing female breasts and nude backsides as they perform sexual acts. There are also scenes that show pornographic photos and discussions of rape.

Violence: AppleTV+ Black Bird contains many violent scenes, including self-harm by cutting oneself, kidnapping and murder, beatings and shootings, prison riots, and much, much more. Some of the most disturbing parts of the series are the discussions of murders and rapes committed by the serial killer.

Drugs/Alcohol: The characters in Black Bird consume alcoholic drinks as well as sell and abuse drugs.

Overall Thoughts

AppleTV+’s Black Bird is one of those psychological dramas that will get into your head and stay there for a while. The story is told in flashbacks and is based on a true crime and the tale of Jimmy Keene, played by Taron Egerton, who was serving a 10-year prison sentence and took a deal to find out details of a murder that involved serial killer Larry Hall, played by Paul Walter Hauser. Both Egerton and Hauser give chilling performances, particularly Hauser, who does a phenomenal job of showcasing the Jekyll/Hyde type of personality that Hall exhibits. At first meeting, Hall seems to be a shy and naive sort of fellow, a little on the slow side, but when pushed to the edge, there is an anger and rage that is terrifying to witness. Egerton’s character, Jimmy Keene, is cocky and arrogant, but through the journey of uncovering the murders, he begins to work through the traumas of his own past, and it changes him.

Black Bird was written and developed by novelist Dennis Lehane, who is known for works such as Shutter Island, Mystic River, and Gone Baby Gone. It is based on the true story and crimes committed by serial killer Larry Hall, and the details of not only the crimes committed but also how authorities went about convicting him for those crimes are something made for television, which fortunately it was. The series also stars legendary actor Ray Liotta, who plays a retired cop and Keene’s father, and it’s the perfect role for him. Sadly, Liotta passed away before its release, but his performance was truly magnificent.

AppleTV+ Black Bird is another fascinating true-crime drama that has been a popular genre as of late, and with studios continuing to release exceptional series such as these, they are sure to keep on telling these types of stories. They are all not quite up to par with each other, as some I have seen recently tend to fall a bit flat when you were expecting more substance. Finding actors that can really sell it is key, and Black Bird did a phenomenal job with casting, as well as sourcing a great script writer. The drama, the tension, and ultimately the impact were on point, making this a do-not-miss for fans of the genre.

Black Bird Parents Guide