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GIRL IN THE PICTURE Parents Guide Documentary Review

Netflix’s Girl In The Picture is a chilling true-crime story of a decades-old murder, which revealed more horrific details. Check it out in my parents guide review.

Girl In The Picture Parents Guide

Netflix’s Girl in the Picture is a new documentary that drops on the streaming service tomorrow, July 6th. Director Skye Borgman, who is best known for her documentary Abducted in Plain Sight, delivers another chilling story of an even more bizarre development which unfolds after the body of a hit-and-run victim is discovered. The documentary is based on the investigative non-fiction books “A Beautiful Child” and the sequel “Finding Sharon” by Matt Birkbeck. Check out all the details in my parents guide review.

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Girl In The Picture Quotes

Girl In The Picture Parents Guide

In Girl in the Picture: A young mother’s mysterious death and her son’s subsequent kidnapping open a decades-long mystery.

Girl In The Picture Parents Guide

Girl In The Picture Age Appropriate Parents Guide

Let’s take a look at what parents need to know before letting their kids watch Netflix’s Girl in the Picture.

Language: Girl in the Picture contains strong language, with profanity used throughout. Lookout words include: f*ck, sh*t, son of a b*tch, d*mn, crap, and f*g.

Mature Content: The documentary is based on a murder, which uncovers more horrific details of abduction and rape. While nothing inappropriate is shown on screen, there are a lot of discussions revolving around the murder and years of abuse. Some of the content discussed involves the rape of a 4-year-old girl and a teenager being raped at gunpoint.

Overall Thoughts

Netflix’s Girl in the Picture is anything but an easy watch, as it reveals a lifetime of horrors after the discovery of a hit-and-run victim, who eventually passes away, leaving a mystery behind her. Director Skye Borgman, who is no stranger to these sorts of true-crime documentaries, having directed Abducted in Plain Sight, delivers a poignant and evil true-life story that will weigh on audiences’ minds long after learning the details of the case.

Documentaries like Girl in the Picture rely heavily on archival footage and interviews with friends, family, and investigators who worked on the case. The investigators, like Joe Fitzpatrick, are the real heroes in the film, as many recount the hard work and sheer luck involved in uncovering the details of the crimes committed. In fact, investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck was so taken with the case that he wrote two books about it and is also an executive producer on the film. Like the men listed, this story will leave a lasting impression on those who learn of the events of the case and the girl in the picture.

Some of the most chilling moments in Girl in the Picture are from the testimony of those friends who knew Sharon, the woman who died in the hit and run. The accounts of Sharon, AKA Tonya, reveal her as a beautiful, good-hearted, shy, sweet, and kind girl who was always rooting for the outcasts. While she appeared to be a normal girl who had fallen on hard times as a single mother to a young son and working in strip clubs, her friends soon realized that her past was catching up with her. That past was so outlandish that no one could have begun to think of its eventual outcome. As the movie progresses, the turns get twistier and the revelations more shocking and so disturbing that many may actually pause it or turn it off altogether. As I said, it is not an easy watch, and it will stir emotions in anyone with a pulse of empathy. For fans of these sorts of true-life tales, Girl in the Picture is a delicacy. For others, be forewarned, it just may make you wretch.

Girl In The Picture Parents Guide