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Collection of Best Hulu’s MIKE Quotes

Hulu's Mike Quotes

Hulu’s Mike dropped its first episodes on the streaming service last month, August 25th. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out this collection of the best Hulu’s Mike quotes.

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Hulu’s Mike Parents Guide Series Review

Hulu’s Mike Quotes

I was really disturbed back then.

I’m the most brutal, the most ruthless champion there’s ever been.

We don’t got no where else to go. But that doesn’t mean we gotta take his sh*t, right?

There’s three types of poor. There’s poor, there’s dirt poor, and there’s f*cked up poor.

I figured it was just a matter of time before that was my brains on the sidewalk.

I didn’t figure I would make it to 20, figured I might as go out swinging.

When you hate yourself like that, you can’t love nobody.

It was the first time I was good at something that was totally legal.

Take him. He’s only gonna disappoint ya.

When people hear my accent, they think I’m a guy from the streets. They underestimated me.

Back then, I was living in two worlds at the same time.

We will bite them so hard that when they scream, the whole world is going to hear them.

You are a giant. You are a colossus among men.

They’ll love you as much as they fear you.

I was living in two worlds at the same time.

We were ready to shock the world.

I only succeed when you don’t need me anymore.

You were always, always easy to love, Mike.

It hurts my heart to see you get hit.

Hulu's Mike Quotes

I did the only thing that felt right every time I thought something was wrong. I f*cked it up even more.

In this great tragedy, the loss of a friend or colleague lays an opportunity.

Death is but a transition, and I am your rebirth.

He’s a charming motherf*ck*r.

Donald Trump has offered his consulting services. Now that’s a businessman you can trust.

You and your mother can’t turn a champ into a chump.

I wanted that fantasy life with Robin so bad, I would’ve given her anything.

I guess given that Micheal is Cus’ greatest creation, it’s okay for him to be paying for your house?

You’re out here paying for this old lady’s house. Mowing her lawn like the hired help.

I don’t know how to fight to lose, only to win.

He’s a boxer, not a housewife. He can’t fight.

I wish someone told me even fairytales need a prenup.

Any of you ladies had a champagne bath before?

You’ll spend your days in a box that I put you in. That I paid for.

No one’s just one thing. We’re all a bunch of things. Now, sometimes that thing we are, at any particular point in time, isn’t that great. But it’s not all we are. We can be more if we want to be.

You want time, get a watch.

Cus taught me how to box. But he couldn’t teach me how to be a black man in America.

The minute you get too big, they gotta cut you down. They gotta make you out to be some kind of monster, because they can’t afford to see you as I see you. A king.

Don’t be their monster. Be our king.

All the money you got and you can’t afford a watch?

I make more money in a f*cking day than you make in a year. That’s what’s real.

They build n*&&as like you up. Suck you dry, then tear you down.

If I wasn’t the champ, who the f*ck was I?

Some black folks will fight us on this. They don’t want us taking away their hero.

I’m not that kind of girl. One-night stands are not my thing. I don’t do that.

The harder I fought, the more aggressive and violent he became.

You don’t love me no more?

You bring a hawk to a chicken yard and you wonder why the chickens get eaten up. You bring Mike to a beauty contest, and all these fine foxes are parading around in front of Mike.

Hulu's MIKE Quotes

You really feel hatred, you know. That becomes a part of you, too. I don’t know yet if that’ll ever go away.

I survived it, just like Mom said I would. They tried to break me, but now what?

I have no plans to write a book. This is the last time I will address society.

Who will I be when I get out of here? By then, will anyone even care?

They can’t break Iron Mike.

These people don’t need prisons. They need psychiatrists, myself included. It’s not about correction, it’s about punishment.

Treat people like animals, they’re gonna f*cking roar.

This joint was ripe for a takeover.

The true freedom comes from elevating above base pursuits.

I approach people as they are now, without judgement for what they have been. Even Mike Tyson. That we all have the possibility of becoming.

You serve no one but Allah. And with that knowledge, you can choose whatever path you want.

I could go back to being Cus’ monster. Don’s meal ticket. Or I could be the elevated man Ray Ray, Imam Siddiq, and Maya saw inside of me, that I wanted to be. And I had to decide now.

I know what you’re here for, right? The ear bite heard around the world.

They don’t care what I did or not, they just want to lock me up and throw away the key.

The only way he stays up is by keeping you down.

Don’t do to me what these white devils do to me all the time.

I had a future but I didn’t think I deserved it.

I wish I knew how to love somebody.

Holyfield didn’t beat me. I beat myself.

So she got to marry me. And my demons.

I was so coked up and angry, I didn’t even need a mother f*cking ring.

All my boxing Gods, the ones I worshipped as a kid, it’s like they deserted me. I couldn’t get any lower.

I tried my best to do whatever I could for my people and this is the thanks I get?

We’re not just one thing.

Monsters aren’t supposed to get the girl, or the happy ending, but two weeks later we got married.

I was a fighter, a gladiator. I walked into situations prepared to fight. That’s all I knew. That’s how I survived.

Now I walk into situations prepared to love.

I’m the American Dream, man. Red state and blue. From nothing to something. I’m the good and the bad. Just like you.