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35+ Best AppleTV+ CAUSEWAY Movie Quotes

AppleTV+ Causeway Movie Quotes

AppleTV+ Causeway launches on the streaming service this Friday, November 4th. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 35+ of the best AppleTV+ Causeway movie quotes.

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AppleTV+ Causeway Parents Guide Movie Review

AppleTV+ Causeway Movie Quotes

Is that all you’re traveling with, honey?

You’re gonna have to work hard every day to do all the things you used to do.

There’s gonna be a homecoming on Friday.

I need to sleep.

I was worried about you. You look like you.

People treat their pools like sh*t.

They told me that the detonation caused my brain to start bleeding.

Thank you for your candor.

AppleTV+ Causeway Movie Quotes

I can’t stare at a screen all day.

It’s just temporary until I go back.

I can handle the heat.

Like “don’t shoot yourself in the head” kind of medication.

My brother did enough drugs for the both of us.

This leg is so f*cked up, that I could look down and the sole of my shoes is looking right back at me.

And then there are the people screaming outside the car. Not inside.

So, you don’t got love for the city?

He and I was both dropped in that house. I’m the only one that made it out.

I got blown up.

I got nothing against big houses.

I don’t think it’s healthy, staying.

I thought you were the responsible one.

AppleTV+ Causeway Movie Quotes

You used to be the funniest little kid, but then you became so serious.

When I was your age, I couldn’t stay in one place either.

Stupid to think I could depend on her.

I don’t want another sno-ball, I want to not f*cking drop sh*t.

You honestly feel you have a clean bill of health?

Smoking is linked to lung cancer. Extreme trauma is linked to PTSD and depression. In fact, the link is stronger.

I just felt so bad for you.

I got enough people feeling bad for me.

If you need a ride, call a f*cking taxi.

I would like to go back.

I want to go where I’m useful.

Can you go back? Yes. Should you go back? That’s a different question.

I’m better off in here. I’m safe here. Out there, I don’t trust myself.

I’m trying to make a friend.