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50+ Best Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin Quotes

Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin Quotes

Peacock’s Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin dropped on the streaming service today, November 23rd. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 50+ of the best Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin quotes.

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Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin Parents Guide Review

Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin Quotes

We’re acting like we’re a bunch of middle-aged men all of a sudden.


Everyone has to go home from The Voice at some point, even the winner.

Bumper’s back!

I’m the Berlin Merlin.

You didn’t realize I have the face of an angel, and also the voice of an angel. That’s a double angel, y’all.

I’ve been disappointed a lot, by friends, frosted-coated cereal, the color of my own pee-pee. But this is the first time I was let down by a random German man. Bumper’s out.

Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin Quotes

I think I need to talk to somebody who is 70% less German than you.

Seven million people watched your video, that’s like, a million people.

Well, untwist my pretzel and pluck my guts.

Go get ’em, sweet Bumper of mine.

He has the emotional depth of the Cheesecake Factory.

How long is one day in the metric system?

So it’s up to me to repair the relationship between two siblings. No presh.

I don’t know what’s gonna come into my head, but poopy and balls are pretty big in my vocab.

Let’s not forget I hated you first before it was cool.

There he goes. Another piglet of capitalism.

So, acts of service is not your love language. Noted.

Because team work makes the cream, thirk.

I just wish everyone liked me so I can feel good.

Chairs are for good boys.

This is a safe space, emotionally. Physically, it is full of tetanus.

Stupid, safe, wonderful country.

I guess it’s true what they say—you miss 100% of the shots you take.

It’s the part of me I like the least, and I have seven nipples. They are not where you think they are.

I will try to have the self-respect of a man with way fewer nipples.

I knew she was going to lose her poops when I didn’t give her the pudding, and I was right.

The only thing dorkier than birds are excursions.

That’s so cool. I have a nemesis. I’m basically Lord Voldermort.

Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin Quotes

Do not touch my art. The art should only touch you.

Let’s not rock the boat. Papa called me a big boy.

I haven’t gone to the bathroom in ours. Klaus makes me hold it until I can taste it.

I don’t apologize, and I don’t text. I send my messages with an evil pigeon.

I don’t shower. I trust my sexual partners to lick me clean.

You make our genitals shrivel up in rage at your musical crimes.

I think we need to take a chillaxitive.

Dreams are what your brain does when it’s being lazy.

Don’t ever feel like you let me down, because I’m the one who let us all down.

I’m also sorry for what I said, and did, and peed.

Are you saying all the world’s a stage and I’m a freaking player?

I love slurping down some German weiners.

How do I get off? I don’t want to be here.

In Germany, paperwork is king, and I am but a loyal serf.

I’m German. Of course I’m serious.

This might be the last time our butts touch.

Gremany lets their government employees celebrate holidays? How humane.

I am pickles so sour, that my balls still aren’t the size that they were.

Enjoy this. It’s everything you’ve always wanted.

I thought the most important thing in the world was being a star, the one famous person who can outshine everyone else in every room he steps into and on every stage he steps on.

Every star is part of a constellation.

The question is, will I am or won’t I am?

I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but I am so grateful I came here.