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Antonia Gentry Discusses Self Harm & Fan Reception in Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Interview

Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Interview:

Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia season 2 drops on the streaming service this Thursday, January 5th. The first season of the popular series follows Ginny, an awkward teenager raised by her feisty 30-year-old single mother, as they relocate to the New England town of Wellsbury. Ginny, played by the talented Antonia Gentry, is used to moving, her mom’s lifestyle doesn’t keep them in one place very long, and it has taken a toll on the young girl. In season one, we saw Ginny struggling with her mental health and even resorting to self-harm. I had the opportunity to interview Antonia Gentry and discuss dealing with self-harm and the fan reception after the first season.

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Ginny & Georgia season 2 Marcus deals with depression

Check out the entire interview with Antonia Gentry and Brianne Howey as they discuss Ginny & Georgia season 2 below.

Antonia Gentry Discusses Self Harm & Fan Reception

Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia tackles some deep issues, including abuse, murder, bullying, and self-harm. In the first season of the series, viewers see Ginny, played by Antonia Gentry, burning herself when she feels anxious or her life seems out of control. During a recent interview with the actress, she was asked about the series’ fan reception and the feedback she has gotten from fans since the first season has aired. “It’s been extremely gratifying, humbling, and fulfilling to know that there are fans who have been so deeply touched by the show.” Gentry shares that fans have reached out to her in her direct messages on social media and in person—young, old, and from diverse demographics—to share with her how thankful they are for telling their stories. She goes on to say, “As much as our show is entertaining, it’s meant to put you through the ringer; it does include these darker themes; it does include some serious material and subject matter that affects so many people. To know that we have executed it in a way that is responsible is so great.

The goal is for people to feel seen and to get the courage to speak up about things they may need help with,” says Gentry, and after the success and positive reception from viewers after the first season, it is apparent the series has achieved this goal. And what does she have to say to those who have reached out to thank her? Gentry admits, “It’s touching.”

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