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20+ Best Expel Congressman GEORGE SANTOS Memes

Expel George Santos Memes

After the 2022 elections, there were many surprises for both Democrats and Republicans, one of which was the release of stories about Congressman George Santos and claims he lied about his resume. The news spread, and he even went on television and apologized for his lies, which he admitted to but doesn’t seem to stop doing. Even worse, while Democrats are calling for his resignation, Republicans are staying kind of quiet about it and not calling for him to resign at all. However this past week, the House of Representatives took a vote to expel the lying Santos. Of course, this has produced some hilarious memes shared all over the internet because the internet never disappoints. So I collected these funny, expel Congressman George Santos memes that have been all over the internet lately!

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Expel George Santos Memes

I hope everyone gets a good laugh at the expel Congressman George Santos memes, because we all love a good laugh, and with the recent story breaking and some of the crazy allegations that have come out, the internet has been going wild with the story. In times like these, we can either just laugh at the craziness of it all or be a bit depressed, so I choose to laugh. Like always, I have collected some of my favorite memes that I have ran across since the big news was announced last night. Do you have a favorite meme from this list, or one that made you laugh and you thought I should include it? I am constantly updating this list, so I would love to include more, especially since it is becoming closer and closer to the time to return to school in some way, shape, or form. Enjoy these funnies!

Expel George Santos blow up doll

expel george santos threatens GOP

matt gaetz defends george santos

expel george santos live on fantasy island

george santos momy they don't like me

GEORGE SANTOS zap marge with space laser

GEORGE SANTOS expelled gonna steal stuff from disneyworld


GEORGE SANTOS expel impeached

GEORGE SANTOS expel bish hunt

GEORGE SANTOS are you there god

mike johnson votes to keep GEORGE SANTOS

knives out expel george santos

expel george santos runs as giorgio santosi

fall of george scamtos

George Santos wwii war hero

expel GEORGE SANTOS bingo

criminal republican GEORGE SANTOS expel from congress

GEORGE SANTOS lied to get in congress

GEORGE SANTOS grandma died twice this week

GEORGE SANTOS kansas city chiefs quarterback

GEORGE SANTOS stole money expel from congress

GEORGE SANTOS not criminal but republican

GEORGE SANTOS used campaign funds for clothes and botox

expel lying GEORGE SANTOS Memes

George Santos really elvis

Lying expel GEORGE SANTOS matrix

lying GEORGE SANTOS football quarterback

George Santos first man on moon

expel George Santos Memes


don jr engaged to george santos

GEORGE SANTOS sign declaration of independance

fibber on the roof

 George Santos swears to tell the truth

 George Santos wins miss universe

 George Santos beauty queen contestant

deceit wins the seat

 George Santos scooby doo mask reveal

GEORGE SANTOS expelled by own party


GEORGE SANTOS on paper verse real life


GEORGE SANTOS took a secret space walk

mr potato head santos

expel lying George Santos Memes

inventing George Santos

George Santos incented electricity

lying George Santos falsified his life

George Santos delivers I have a dream speech