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75+ Amazon Prime Video THE CONSULTANT Quotes

Amazon Prime Video The Consultant Quotes

Amazon Prime Video The Consultant releases on the streaming service this Friday, February 24, 2023. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to list a collection of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 75+ of the best Amazon Prime Video The Consultant quotes.

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Amazon Prime Video The Consultant Parents Guide Review

Amazon Prime Video The Consultant Quotes

Can anyone tell me what a coder does? Cause I seriously don’t know these days.

Our great creator in the sky. Who would like to meet him?

I want my mommy.

You ever think how if they devil made him do it, what does that make us?

Maybe you should make yourself CEO, because as of right now, we apparently don’t have one.

This place is a f*cking death factory.

I know you hated him, but he was actually quite pathetic.

You can work around me.

If you want to beat the game, eventually you will have to sacrifice the baby.

I have always been willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

If that bad man tries to put something into your mouth, you come and tell momma.

I’m sorry, I don’t speak this.

My son was a good boy. He had love in his heart. But he was taken by the devil.

We’re busy pretending to be busy.

What’s it called when somebody f*cks the son and the mother? There’s gotta be a name for that.

What do you want to find when you stop falling?

Show some respect. I’m a creator now.

You were generous enough to bring me here for a drink; now let me take you somewhere in return.

Perhaps we have to accept that we’re not the most attractive men here.

Did you feel him leave the room?

I had to test your loyalty to Mr. Zang to know if we can truly be friends.

We’ll make a good Catholic boy out of you yet.

Unfortunately, this gift won’t arrive until after you’re dead.

Look around you, grandpa. I’m doing great.

You have accomplished so much in your short life. Think of what you can achieve in death.

Impulsive people are easily fooled.

Time will soon run out for us all.

This is not the end; this is the beginning.

Laughter is good for productivity.

Amazon Prime Video The Consultant Quotes

You love this woman? Don’t put an eel on her finger.

When I get my own office, it will be through merit.

He’s trim, he’s angular, he’s grand, and he’s got these f*ck you eyes.

Whatever you do, don’t lose her to him.

He knows you are here. Go!

Save yourself the oxygen.

You actually did it. You went ahead and stole yourself an office.

Turns out, I’m not safe in my own home either.

Can’t please all of the people, all of the time.

Why do you lie for him?

The church will sometimes intervene in case of demonic possession.

I think I’m just here to stay the f*ck alive.

I shouldn’t be taking him home, but he just lets himself in whenever he wants to.

In your own words, I’d like you to tell me how the game makes you feel.

Why don’t we break an elephant out of the zoo?

I’m pretty sure there are laws against this sort of stuff.

He was getting mixed up in things that didn’t align with my career path.

We’re under new management now.

I heard you had a thing for tapping the new girl.

He does not come to these things. If he did, we wouldn’t.

I thought we were always going to keep in touch.

I think I may have a lead on an elephant.

Never negotiate with someone if you don’t know everything about them.

Patrice was my big mistake. Apparently, we’re only allowed to have one.

The biggest mistake I’ve ever made was thinking I could change you.

Are you gonna fire me for being high at work?

Word of advice: don’t try too hard.

This weird mother f*cker comes all this way to take a sh*t.

Amazon Prime Video The Consultant Quotes

I don’t think she’s coming back.

I can be persuasive when I want to.

Where is the throat f*cker?

Don’t forget to mention your experience with killing endangered wildlife.

Are we legally implicated by your actions?

Sacrifices are hard but effective.

I have yet to watch an elephant die. Do they scream when they go?

I think you’ll be surprised at what she’s now capable of.

Why don’t you try to take it from me?

You don’t want to drive 30 minutes for sex and cake?

You’re not equipped for this.

Some people excel under stress; some break.

You don’t work for him; none of us do. He’s just the consultant.

You don’t even know what we do.

This is the real world, Craig. People get hurt; people panic; people fail.

You’re not the hero. You don’t even get the girl.

He just showed up one day and took over.

He elevated us. He motivated us. He changed our methods. He showed us all what we’re capable of.

He gets results.