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75+ Chilling Netflix’s YOU Season 4 Quotes

Netflix's YOU Season 4 Quotes

Netflix’s YOU Season 4 releases on the streaming service today, February 9, 2023. I will have a review of the new season coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 75+ of the best and most chilling Netflix’s YOU Season 4 quotes.

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Netflix’s YOU Season 4 Parents Guide Review

Netflix’s YOU Season 4 Quotes

As a problematic man appropriating a queer poet once said: “The heart wants what it wants.”

Love chooses us. The only thing we can control is what we do, how far we can go.

Wind them up, let them go. Teenagers will argue both sides for you.

I’m good at professoring.

This feels like the European holiday I desperately needed.

Why does the universe keep doing this to me?

I do miss having someone out there, someone worth watching. A puzzle worth solving. You.

It’s not following someone if you have to walk the same way home.

Something tells me he’s about to explain how the rich are the real victims here.

Every item on her body is a sponsorship deal. It’s so greedy. I’m impressed.

Mal unfailingly adopts you lads, back since the dormitory at Oxford.

Tell no one your sordid life story for 30 years, then write it down, suddenly millions know your every shame.

The burden of our decade. Women believing women, like they don’t lie and cheat and f*ck.

I ran away from all this. I never wanted to touch a bloody knife again.

You looked at me with so much fear. I couldn’t stand it.

Netflix's YOU Season 4 Quotes

A Prince Albert. He wasn’t lying about being royal adjacent.

You just said this is my opportunity to make different choices. Neither of us want to hurt anybody.

All jokes aside, my guess is that you have had a truly hellish life. The kind that not everyone survives.

Embrace everything, Jonathan. The hangover is easier.

You Americans and your fetish for work. This is England; we have dinner around here.

You steal my spotlight, and I murder you.

It’s Phoebe’s world; we’re all just living in it.

How would Hercule Poirot phrase a follow-up on a f*ck-boy?

I have strengths I haven’t been leaning on. I’m observant.

I adore her, I do. It’s like cookies for breakfast and every other meal, every day. Always.

I’m the a**h*le. Simon’s a genius.

The longer you know somebody, the more cursed you are to see them as human.

I know a grift when I see it. You are a hollow nobody with no life of his own.

I can’t wait to be done with you and back to life with people who don’t know or care what an NFT is.

Being around British people trying to feel feelings is creepy.

Rhys is different from them. I can’t tell if he’s better or secretly worse.

Simon tore through people like Christmas presents.

I did it. Fell in with the most insane, damaged people on earth.

She needs to talk to someone, but I have my hands full with You.

I can say from experience, it only gets messier the more you push it away.

You’re going to be so disappointed when you realize women in the 21st century can take care of themselves.

I would rather be cut up into a thousand tiny pieces than spend another second alone with you.

I had to jump through another insanely polite British hoop.

It’s nice to think, when I return, I will finally put you behind me. Maybe life can return to normal.

Seems more to me like Downton Abbey vampire castle.

Is it true American men are better in bed, or is it just the Jewish ones?

Lovely chat, but I’m off to hang myself because you are so boring.

I’ve always admired men like you, who doesn’t care how he presents.

I’ve made molds of all my lovers’ c*cks.

Everyone wants me, until they have me.

She’s completely devoid of empathy.

Some people deserve to be spanked.

If something doesn’t grow, it rots. Especially if you have the means, you have to decide to not be the absolute worst.

I’m not like you, or your family, or your bloodline. That is your fantasy, and it always has been.

Do you resent us, Jonathan? Do you wish us all dead?

Alright, c*nty two flaps.

Netflix's YOU Season 4 Quotes

I don’t know what that was down there, but it didn’t seem nice.

My father is the worst man alive, and I am his favorite daughter.

I just want to make my own way, Jonathan. I just want to be a person and not even a great one, just decent.

I believe you can be the person you want to be.

Funny this game, every year someone gets hurt.

I’m getting too old for this.

If we do this, once we start, we have to see it through together.

F*ck democracy. No offense, I know you Americans love that sh*t.

In the end, I had to run away, and it cost me my son.

I don’t want it to burn. Come on, piss on me.

I was ready to piss on your face to prove I’m enough for you, and you clearly don’t want this, and you refuse to tell me why.

It’s time to take back what’s yours, man.

When you stabbed Malcolm, did he deflate like a hot-air balloon?

Sit tight; I’m going peasant hunting.

It’s you. It’s been you.

Clearly, you are not the man I hoped you were.

You left me to die in a fire like some f*cking Twitter troll.

Things took a turn since I saw you last.

Barely got a half-assed apology from the group. There’s not much to say after you extrajudicially sentenced an innocent man to death.

She knows too much about me as it already is. It’s dangerous for her to know more.

Your past doesn’t scare me. It can’t be worse than mine.

Captain f*cking America.

You’re a monster hiding in plain sight.

Whatever your big plans are, I need to stop you before you can hurt another soul and drag mine down with you.

I’m coming for you.