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80+ Insane COCAINE BEAR Movie Quotes

Cocaine Bear Movie Quotes

Cocaine Bear releases in theaters across the United States tomorrow, Friday, February 24, 2023. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 80+ of the best and most insane Cocaine Bear movie quotes.

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Cocaine Bear Parents Guide Movie Review

Cocaine Bear Movie Quotes

You know the first thing I thought when I saw you? I thought: I want to make a child with this person.

I’ve always wanted to see a bear in real life.

We have such good luck in nature.

I think we should leave it. There’s something wrong with it. Come on.

Don’t panic.

Man was out of his mind.

He loved fetch.

When the plane’s going down, the captain knows where to dump our load.

I’ve got to wait for it to heal first, and I’ve got seven more days of John.

Why did I skip school with ya? You’re bossier than the teachers.

You want her to find out and be worried about ya.

You’re one of those kids who owes me a bunch of sh*t.

Smells expensive.

Cocaine Bear Movie Quotes

You’ve got a dusty beaver here, Ranger.

It looks like the deer on that sign are doing it.

This is definitely cocaine.

It’s usually more powdery on the streets.


This isn’t like the sh*t I normally do.

Let’s sell drugs together.

Your dad has definitely done cocaine.

She said he sang with the soul of a thousand year old man.

I don’t hang out with drug dealers anymore; it’s against my Constitution.

Maybe he gave her the cancer.

He doesn’t like to call them animals.

Park Rangers are peace officers. So it means we can shoot people.

What the f*ck is wrong with y’all?

Told you she shouldn’t come with us.

Please tell me you found them like this.

Where’s this energy coming from, bud?

Are my buds dead?

Getting stabbed sucks.

Don’t be mad, but we skipped school.

Bears are very peaceful creatures. What did you do to upset it?

This is your fault.

I’m gonna get that a**h*le.

There’s something wrong with it.

Did you feed it cocaine?

Did you hear him scream? He’s dead.

I’m a Park Ranger. I’m not dumb.

That’s a f*cking bear.

I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry.

Close the door. Close the mother f*cking door.

I got him.

Oh Henry, we always find out.

What happened to feminism, huh? Is that dead?

You said they called in a concussion.

Close the f*cking door, you dumb a**.

My mom’s the reason I’m the man I am today.

That’s my team, man.

Lizards are good listeners, but people are good at hearing.

Can I say something without you getting angry with me?

Cocaine Bear Movie Quotes

I’m just trying to find a safe space to jump down.

You brought that on yourself.

How did he take those two fingers off? They’re not even next to each other.

Can I grab his fingers?

My f*cking jersey, man.

I have your fingers in my pocket.

I’ve never been able to sh*t in front of people. I like to sh*t in peace.

Oh man, you f*cked.

Her name was Elsa, and she was beautiful.

Devil bear.

It died on top of me?

We should go. He’ll probably be alright.

Let’s see what kind of effect that has on it.

You left him with me. Do I look like Daddy Daycare Center to you?

They are gonna come after me, my family, if I don’t get them every penny’s worth.

The United States of America trusted you.

You left my son in St. Louis?

Apex predator high on cocaine and you’re going towards it?

There’s a lot more out there. We gotta keep looking, you understand?

When did you all get so soft? You’ve got sand in your p*&&ies.

I am taking the f*cking children home.

You’re the reason this is all happening.

I’m Henry, and I’m so f*cking tired.

You’re more than a drug dealer, you’re my friend. You’re my best friend.

Is it on cocaine?

I knew you’d be okay. You’re the toughest person I know. You’re just like your mom.

Here comes the Po-Po.

Why they looking at us like that?