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55+ Ballin’ Disney+ CHANG CAN DUNK Quotes

Chang Can Dunk Quotes

Disney+’s Chang Can Dunk releases on the streaming service today, March 10, 2023. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by and check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 55+ of the best and most ballin’ Disney+ Chang Can Dunk quotes.

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Chang Can Dunk Parents Guide Movie Review

Chang Can Dunk Quotes

Freshman Chang is no more. Chang 2.0 is moving up, baby.

Why do you need money now? You will have lots of money once you go to college.

It’s like band camp didn’t even happen.

Intense is good. It means you’re passionate about something.

You’re kind of messing with the vibe.

You’re like the human version of a poached egg.

Who here thinks Chang can dunk?

Not as dumb as your face when I dunk on it.

Loser has to shave their head.

Red pandas jump?

I’m Chang, the Red Panda.

Is this what old feels like? Cause it sucks.

I just want to be a baller.

Every obstacle is an opportunity.

Chang Can Dunk Quotes

You’re going to get into all the good colleges.

Fun is still expensive.

How much height do we need?

You are only bringing the ball halfway up; why are you cheating yourself? Full extension.

Look here, little man. I work hard on my videos.

How are you gonna dunk without any swag? Dunking is like 80% swag.

Swag is believing you can and will do something you cannot yet do.

Sometimes the call doesn’t go your way. You just gotta play through it.

I guess if I can dunk, it could prove I can be more than I am.

You already d*mn special, and don’t you let anyone convince you otherwise.

You always worry about what other people think about you, not worrying about yourself.

When you throw it down, don’t forget to scream. I want these people to know who they are messing with.

I already got a spot on my wall for your Kobe jersey.

Shave his head! Shave his head!

I’m really into you.

You’re gonna be a meme. I’m friends with a meme!

I’m reliving my victory.

I just want you to know that the old Chang is gone. The new Chang is here, and he’s not being disrespected.

I don’t want to get in the way of your big moment.

I’m just a kid who got told he couldn’t do something.

They say in magic, a trick is only good if it has some mystery to it.

I know that’s not a basketball floating in the river.

I think tonight’s the best night of my life.

I got a pair of Air Jordans with your name on them.

You hate that someone like me can actually be cooler than you.

The minute you graduate, it’s over for you. You’ve peaked.

Chang Can Dunk Quotes

You wish you were me. You are nothing more than a lying poser.

This is all my fault; I didn’t raise my son properly.

You’re always upset about something. I can’t tell you anything without you snapping at me or telling me I’m stupid. I want to tell you things, I want to ask you stuff, but I can’t.

You’re scared of me? I’ve worked so hard to give you everything I can. I spoil you.

You’re miserable. You’re so unhappy you want everyone else to be unhappy too.

I can’t do it. I’m not good enough.

I’ve trained really, really hard. I gave it my all, but I still came up short.

Maybe what I really wanted was just for other people to think that I could.

I know Chang cheated, and I know he got in trouble, and all of that. If I’m being honest, I am proud as hell in him.

You raised a great young man. He just lost his way a little bit.

I think he’s just trying to grow up, and that’s not so easy sometimes.

I love you.

I’m really glad you moved here, and I’m really sorry.

I’m not some prize you can win, Chang.

We want Chang! We want Chang!