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120+ Best Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Quotes

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Quotes

Netflix’s Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story releases on the streaming service on May 4th. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 120+ of the best Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story quotes.

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Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Parents Guide Review

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Quotes


The is the story of Queen Charlotte from Bridgerton. It is not a history lesson. It is fiction inspired by fact. All liberties taken by the author are quite intentional. Enjoy!

How joyful it is to be a lady.

They are the British Empire. And we are a tiny province in Germany. We had no choice. I had no choice.

There are worse fates than marrying the King of England.

If the king is not dead, who is?

Is the queen’s knowledge of how to make a good marriage nothing but talk?

You have good hips, you will make lots of babies.

She is very brown.

A problem is only a problem if the palace says there is a problem.

Behave as though you have been here before.

You may be too beautiful to marry me. I may be a troll.

By “business,” do you mean fornicating with your mistresses, or do you mean producing more bastards for me to ignore?

Virgins to the left of me, wh*res to the right.

Your father and I made 15 royal babies all by ourselves.

I should’ve went over the wall.

The king is truly perfect, the strongest of kings.

Long live the experiment.

Patience is not always a virtue.

It will not end with your generation. This bloodline will continue.

I believe his bits to be fine. Large. From what I’ve seen, he has large, healthy bits.

You are the queen; you can do whatever you like.

I’m completely alone, and you prefer the sky to me.

That is a deformed bunny.

My husband is the best of husbands. He gave me this beautiful bunny thing.

Please speak freely, no one else does.

How many times does he insert it?

This is Britain. It was not that long ago that queens were beheaded for not having children.

I thought I would call upon an expert.

Love solves a plethora of issues.

Marriage is a duty, not a pleasure.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Quotes

I’m not quiet; it’s simply that my husband is loud.

It might not make you like me, but it will make you hate me a little bit less.

Being king is a hazard.

Yet is good. Yet is hope.

You are breathtaking.

Children are the treasured hope of every marriage, but for a royal in need of an heir, children are more than hope. They are a necessity.

You are old. Your wombs are likely dry and useless.

So many spinsters, so little time.

It is all I do, all we do—try to fill my womb with a baby.

I hate everything about him. I hate his ridiculous face. I hate his voice. I hate the way he breathes.

A royal baby is cause for celebration for the commoners.

They dangle joy in front of me and never let me grasp it.

I don’t like today. It reminds me that there are no more hats to make.

Your duties are not like those of any king I have known.

So, King George is Farmer George?

If you were not the queen, if you were not, your life here would be very different.

You are the first of your kind. That opened doors, so we are new.

You’re not some simpering girl. You are the queen.

You hold our fates in your hands. Your palace walls are too high, Your Majesty.

You live for the happiness and misery of a great nation.

I’ve always been this, an exhibit instead of a person.

I want even days and odd days.

I like you. Let’s be friends.

He is so happy. I have never seen him so.

You never have to thank me. We are a team. Are we not?

Do not attempt to flatter me by talking about my children. It makes me dislike you so much more.

You are still his queen. Forever frozen. Forever waiting. Your daughters could not leave you here alone, trapped in time.

The king has not been himself lately.

Every day you fail to produce an heir, our family’s position weakens.

I have examined you thoroughly, and you are perfectly alright.

You have not learned to obey.

This is the cure. Submission.

If you cannot govern yourself, you are not fit to govern others.

Is a broken king really better than a mad one?

From my cage to hers. I want the queen to know that we will not be caged forever.

Lapdog or wolf, soon enough an animal tires of its cage.

I have lived my life in terror of acting incorrectly because every incorrect action threatened the ruin of England. That terror nearly broke me.

I thought that terror was a price of being royal.

She is the most royal person I have ever known.

All this time, I thought I was the damaged one.

Strap me back in.

Much like a phoenix rising from the ashes, so too our queen rise from disaster. An army of eligible ladies has arrived at her Majesty’s doorstep, hopeful for betrothals to the monarch’s sons. Royal weddings and babies cannot be far behind.

The world’s doors open at the Queen’s command. Every man and woman in the British Empire obeys the queen’s whim. We would go to battle to save her. 

Loneliness is a battle even queens must fight for themselves.

Everything is in danger.

Your body is not your own. To leave now would be treason, king-napping.

Our fates are tied.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Quotes

You have done your duty, you have conceived an heir. Now you are free.

What does any woman of the ton know of true friendship?

We are untold stories. Yesterday, you told me some of your story, and I thank you.

My garden did not die with my husband because it had never been planted.

It is alright to want it.

I want to be gardened as much as possible.

That place is no home. I have left that place, and I am never, never, ever going back.

You are my only friend.

This is not the life I wished for.

Love is not a thing one is able or not able to do based on some magic. Some chemistry. That is for plays.

Love is determination. Love is a choice one makes. You take someone in marriage, and you choose to love them.

The life of a royal is lonely. So you grab someone and you hang on. You love, and you love hard, because if you do not, you are lost.

A queen’s first responsibility is not to her whim but to her people.

You sold me off to be the Queen of England. I’m off to be the Queen of England.

I care not for his sanity. I care for his happiness. I care for his soul. Let him be mad is mad is what he needs.

I had a great love, I do not expect another.

One can find gardens in bloom in the most interesting places. Discoveries are everywhere. Mother Nature is sharing her secrets.

I’m trying to protect you.

From the moment I saw you trying to go over the wall, I have loved you desperately. I cannot breathe when you are not near. I love you, Charlotte. My heart calls your name.

This darkness is my burden. You bring a light.

I do not remember names; I am female.

Our happiness is not your goal.

You have been our queen, but you have never really been our mother.

Great love can make miracles.

You certainly have become comfortable.

You cannot allow him to hide. His country will not survive.

This is on you now. He is yours.

The people need their king.

Having children is the worst pain imaginable.

There is womanly work afoot.

He is our next king. Could he be anything but perfection?

I do not want to hear your burdens nor the problems that plague your life. Nor do I care.

Cover your bruises and endure. Do not lose control of your fate.

I cannot give you the future that you deserve.

If what we have is half, then we shall make it the very best half.

Together, we are whole.

You are a rare jewel.

You and me.

If he cannot even face his people, he is finished.

I’ve spent my life breathing someone else’s air. I do not know any other way. Now it is time I learn to breathe all on my own.

You make him happy. Thank you, Your Majesty.

A girl is wonderful. And a strong queen is just what this country needs.

Come. Hide from the heavens with me.

You did not go over the wall.