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65+ Motivating Peacock’s SHOOTING STARS Movie Quotes

Peacock's Shooting Stars Movie Quotes

Peacock’s Shooting Stars was released on the streaming service today, Friday, June 2, 2023. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 65+ of the best and most motivating Peacock’s Shooting Stars movie quotes.

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Peacock’s Shooting Stars Parents Guide Movie Review

Peacock’s Shooting Stars Movie Quotes

One of you farted.

A lot of chemistry bewtween this time. I love what I’m seeing.

I don’t know what it is, but y’all are going to do something special together.

Can’t rush art, brother.

Ain’t nobody trying to go to school in the summer, dad.

In the 1930s, white folks moved to Akron, just their kids could attend Buchtel. They called it the Pearl of Ohio.

If I wanted porn, I’d just ask your momma to mail me some more pictures.

We’re supposed to play together.

It sucks when people judge you before knowing ya, huh?

Me and my boys, we call each other the Fab Four.

I ain’t wasting away on JV; I’m better than that, and y’all know it.

What’s St. V’s got?
A coach that believes in me.

No matter what you say, we are gonna be labeled as sellouts.

This is a Buchtel town; we’re just living in it.

Which one of y’all are supposed to be Carlton?

Is this tryouts or fight club?

They would’ve put you in early, we would’ve won.

We didn’t come to not play.

The season hasn’t even started yet, and I’m already sick of these punks.

Dru was born with basketball in his blood.

Peacock's Shooting Stars Movie Quotes

Lebron James slams.

Let’s finish it!

What is this, Hoop It Up?

Policy doesn’t win games.

We may be seeing the beginnings of something special here in Akron.

I’m trying to watch my weight.
Watch your weight do what?

How’s it feel to be pimpin’ for St. Vincent?

Unlike y’all, I get girls.

We gonna win it all because you all are gonna work your a**es off.

What’s the point of being popular if we are just gonna hang out at Dru’s playing 2K and waiting for Girls Gone Wild to come on?

Well you got some nerve.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

You know I got the magic touch.

I ain’t losing tonight. Period.

Well, look at that; my baby’s a celebrity.

We don’t need you; we never needed you.

Most of these boys have been getting over it their entire lives.

Stop trying to act hard.

That is not your ashy a** calve.

Are you done being famous now?

I’m gonna be making millions right out the gate. I definitely don’t need college, you don’t either.

You are great, but if you don’t check yourself, basketball is gonna be all that you have.

I don’t need to get ready ’cause I stay ready.

I suggest you do not let this go to your heads.

Fab Four is now officially the Fab Five.

I had to break a kid’s jaw to get here.

I want you to take today, how you played, and the outcome, and learn from it.

You are a special player; the whole world already knows it.

How successful you become depends entirely on how well you manage the pressure.

Peacock's Shooting Stars Movie Quotes

It’s the chemistry we got; we know where LeBron is gonna be before he even gets there.

You ain’t gotta do it all by yourself.

How are we gonna get beaten by a team named after a breakfast meat?

Don’t be mad at me, ’cause you ain’t tall enough to make it pro.

Are we really gonna lose this game?
Think we might have lost more than that.

This sh*t ain’t fun no more.

When we was kids, I had size and skills over everybody, but it’s like they got better and I just stayed the same. What happens if nobody wants me?

You a leader, Willie. Just because you ain’t leading down the path you want, doesn’t mean you aren’t leading your own way.

You come here to break my balls?

I wanted to make great players out of ya, and I did it.

What happen, somebody die?

Let’s go out there and show these fools we are more than just one player.

That’s just how life is sometimes, baby.

The real world hits you, gets in the way. And you just kind of grow apart.

Right now, I’m not thinking about the future. I’m thinking about my brothers.

In a year, I might not be the same person.

Let me play with my best friends one last time.

I heard you cried in front of the board.
Like a 225-pound baby.

Tonight, you have a chance to go down as the single greatest team in basketball history, but I want you to take a minute. Try to grasp this thing, this opportunity we’ve been given.