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THE MUNY Beauty and the Beast Parents Guide Musical Review

The Muny’s Beauty and the Beast brings the magic to the stage with lush costumes and lively music. Check out the details in my parents guide musical review.

The Muny Beauty and the Beast Parents Guide

Beauty and the Beast has come to St. Louis, playing at The Muny from June 22 through June 30. This musical is based on the animated Disney film released in 1991. It tells the story of Belle, a young woman who falls in love with the Beast, a cursed prince. The story is filled with magical moments, beautiful music, and an inspiring message of love and acceptance. With its stunning visuals and memorable music, Beauty and the Beast was an excellent choice for The Muny’s summer lineup. The theater’s natural setting added an extra touch of magic to the performance, making it a truly unforgettable experience. Check out the details in this parents guide review.

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Musical Beauty and the Beast Parents Guide

The Muny Beauty and the Beast Musical: Be our guest and bring the entire family for an enchanting night under the stars! Disney’s Beauty and the Beast reminds us to look for the beauty within. With a dose of Muny Magic, this production will bring all your favorite fanciful characters to life, with spectacular sets and costumes. Join Belle, the Beast, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, Lumiere and all the spellbound characters of the fabled castle in a summer celebration for any age!

The Muny’s Beauty and the Beast run time: 2 hours and 30 minutes including a short intermission.

The Muny Beauty and the Beast Parents Guide

Musical Beauty and the Beast Age Rating Parents Guide

Let’s take a look at what parents need to know in this parent’s guide and the age rating of the movie before letting their younger children watch The Muny Beauty and the Beast.

LanguageBeauty and the Beast has mild language, with the strongest words viewers will come across being stupid and phrases such as “ticked off.”

Mature Content: Like the original animated film, the musical has scary moments that children may be a bit frightened about, but it seems less frightening with props used on stage. The wolves attacking Belle and the Beast in the forest scene was one of the scarier moments in the film, but since props were used, it didn’t quite make the same impact. There are moments that may make audiences (particularly the younger audience and those sensitive to sound) jump due to loud booms, sparks, and fireworks. There is also a murder and death scene that may be triggering for some viewers. The beast is stabbed with a knife, and a character falls to his death, with a visual of him falling shown in a prompter onstage.

Age Rating of Beauty and the BeastThe musical Beauty and the Beast has a PG to G rating for mild peril and scary situations. It is appropriate material for all ages, although some younger kids may find some of the adult situations a bit scary. The suggestion of parental guidance or an adult guardian is highly recommended for young kids under 7 years old. There is no sex scene or sexual content, and there is no foul language or bad language.

Overall Thoughts

The Muny’s Beauty and the Beast musical did an incredible job of bringing the world of Beauty and the Beast to life on stage. The set and costumes were exquisite, the music and choreography were exceptional, and the cast gave brilliant performances that captivated the audience from start to finish.

The Muny’s set design team did a fantastic job creating a whimsical, enchanting world that brought the story to life on stage. The set featured an impressive rotating castle that added to the magic of the show. The beautiful French village square, where the opening number took place, was also impressive with its intricate detailing.

The costumes were equally impressive, especially The Beast’s transformation into Prince Adam, which was one of the most striking moments in the show. It was made all the more stunning by the gorgeous golden and silver threads that adorned his regal attire. Belle’s costumes were also exquisite, with her yellow ballgown and signature blue dress being show-stoppers. The intricate detailing of the costumes was particularly impressive and helped to bring each character to life.

The Muny’s Beauty and the Beast was a treat for the ears and eyes alike. The musical score by Alan Menken and lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice are simply enchanting, and it’s easy to see why this show has become a beloved classic. From the haunting melodies of “Belle” to the lively “Be Our Guest,” the music brought the story to life. The intricate dance sequences added another layer of magic to the show thanks to the choreography of Patrick O’Neil.

The cast of The Muny’s Beauty and the Beast did an exceptional job of bringing their characters to life. Each member of the ensemble embodied their role and gave a unique personality to their characters. Ben Crawford played the Beast and managed to balance its fierceness and vulnerability. Ashley Blanchet played Belle, and her voice was simply stunning. She brought a sense of grace and intelligence to the character, making her performance one of the highlights of the show. Her chemistry with Crawford was palpable, making the romantic scenes even more captivating.

Other notable performances included Harrison White, who played Maurice, Belle’s father, and who lightened the mood with his cheerful quirkiness. The lovable Lumiere, played by Kelvin Moon Loh, Cogsworth, played by Eric Jordan Young, and the hated Gaston (Claybourne Elder) all gave solid performances, with each having their moment to shine onstage.

Overall, The Muny’s production of Beauty and the Beast was a magical night filled with memorable moments. The talented cast and creative team truly brought this beloved story to life in a way that left the audience feeling enchanted.

The Muny Beauty and the Beast Parents Guide