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Oppenhiemer Movie Quotes

Oppenheimer was released in theaters across the United States today, July 21, 2023. I have a review of the movie on my site, you can come back and check it out later. It is linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 120+ of the best and most gripping Oppenheimer movie quotes.

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Oppenheimer Parents Guide Movie Review

Oppenhiemer Movie Quotes

Who would want to justify their whole life? I wanted to study new physics.

No one is denying his insight, it’s his laboratory work that needs working on.

Go somewhere where they let you think.

The important part isn’t if you can read music; it’s if you can hear it. Can you hear the music, Robert?

I’m a great admirer of your work.

God doesn’t play dice.

Why would he wonder after everything you’ve done for your country?

Let me know if you need help with your English.

Ever get the feeling that our kind isn’t welcome here?

It’s best you get home, Cowboy.

Theory would only get you so far.

Your math is better than mine.

This is America, Oppy. We had our revolution.

The bigger the star, the more violent its demise.

Do you always tow the party line?

You just needed to get laid.

We’re all simple souls.

I won’t live my life afraid to make a mistake.

They did it. They split the atom.

A bomb.

I’ll always answer.

Teachers are unionized; why not professors?

Somehow I’ve upgraded to housewife.

Ideallogy got Joe killed for nothing.

At least you didn’t bring me flowers.

We both know I’m not what you want.

Oppenhiemer Movie Quotes

You think the rules don’t apply to the Golden Boy?

It’s not your people they are hurting at the camps. It’s mine.

You’re not just self-important. You are actually important.

Welcome to the war.

How can this man, who saw so much, be so blind?

We’re awful people. Selfish, awful people.

You see beyond the world we live in. There is a price to pay for that.

This is your moment.

Brilliance is taken for granted in your circle.

So you have the job now?
I’m considering it.

Oppenheimer couldn’t run a hamburger stand.

We’ve found the perfect spot.

He’s a soldier. I have all the soldiers I need.

This is the most important f*cking thing in the history of the world.

They need us.
Until they don’t.

How many people do you know who proved Einstein wrong?

You drop a bomb, and it falls on the just and the unjust.

I don’t know if we can be trusted with such a weapon. But I know the Nazis can’t.

If we detonate an atomic device, we might have created something that destroys the world.

This is yours, not mine.

That would be treason.

He was founder, mayor, sheriff all rolled into one.

It may not be your fault, but it is your problem.

There’s no proof there is a spy at Los Alamos.

You have just the right I give you. No more, no less.

He hates me, not America.

I’d like to remind you what we talked about in Berkeley.

Doesn’t matter who I associate with, I don’t talk about those secrets.

You drop in and out of my life, and you don’t tell me why. Thats’ power.

You sit here day after day, letting them pick our lives to pieces. Why won’t you fight?

This is a man that has killed communists with his own hands.

If you can’t tell me, who can you tell?

Is it big enough?
To end the war?
To end all wars.

The power you are about to reveal will outlive the Nazis, and the world isn’t ready.

You don’t get to commit a sin and then have us all feel sorry for you.

Your reproduction system is more exposed than mine.

No one is leaving Los Alamos.

It’s a weapon of mass genocide.

We are all on the advisory committee. We will give them our advice.

A profit can’t be wrong.

It’s no longer the enemy that threatens the world; it’s our work.

We imagine a future, and our imagination is horrifying.

Just because we are building it doesn’t mean we get to decide how it can be used.

The atomic bomb will be a terrible evaluation of divine power.

The use of the atomic bomb in Japanese cities will save lives.

Time to stand behind your science, Hans. Literally.

Break a leg.

Oppenhiemer Movie Quotes

It’s happening, isn’t it?

If it doesn’t go off, we’re both finished.

Try not to blow up the world.

These things are harder than your heart.

And now I become death, the destroyer of worlds.

It worked.

Get a message to Kitty. Tell her to take in the sheets.

With respect, Dr. Oppenheimer, we’ll take it from here.

We’ve given them an ace. It’s their decision to play the hand.

Would the Japanese surrender if they knew what’s coming?

I’m very proud of you and all your people.

The world will remember this day.

I’m so proud of what you have accomplished. I just wish we had enough time to use it against the Germans.

How does it feel to be the most famous man in the world?

Your invention helped bring our boys home.

I hear you’re leaving Los Alamos. What should we do with it?
Give it back to the Indians.

I feel like I have blood on my hands.

Hiroshima isn’t about you.

Don’t let that cry baby back in here.

I was a spokesman, but the opinion of scientists is unanimous.

I think it must have been a blow for you.
For the world.

Urge them to continue my research on the super.

No one knows what you believe.

Survival in Washington is about knowing how to get things done.

The truly vindictive are as patient as a saint.

Ametures seek the sun and get eaten.

This won’t be a fair fight.

What more do you want? Mermaids?

Is anyone ever going to tell the truth about what’s happening here?

I think you all are being too g-d d*mn gentlemanly.

Kitty and I are grownups. We’ve fought through fire together. We’ll be fine.

You served your country well.

We’re not in a court, sir. There’s no burden of proof.

No moral scruples in 1945, plenty in 1949.

I gave him exactly what he wanted, to be remembered for Trinity.

Don’t take in the sheets.

Did you think if you let them tar and feather you, that the world would forgive you? They won’t

The man of the moment.

Now it is your turn to deal with the consequences of your achievement.

When I came to you with those calculations that we might start a chain reaction.
I remember what happened.
I believe it did.