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Netflix's Survival of the Thickest Quotes

Netflix’s Survival of the Thickest released on the streaming service this week, July, 13, 2023. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 75+ of the best and funniest quotes from Netflix’s Survival of the Thickest quotes.

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Survival of the Thickest Parents Guide Review

Netflix’s Survival of the Thickest Quotes

Nothing like a chip clip to save the day. Coming right from my Cheeto bag.

I am worthy. I am perfect. I am enough.

Do you know models and toddlers have the same diet?

It must be my drumstick-emoji physique. It’s meaty on top, nubby on the bottom. Very delicious.

Mavis, you’re distracting genius.

You know I’m too cute for a public toilet.

I just got a feeling I’m gonna find a dildo up in here.
I’m not a monster; that’s the first things I packed.

We taking everything that’s worth something in here.

When somebody cheats, that’s them trying to stroke their own ego.

I’m gonna keep it moving and keep my plants watered.

Let’s get all up in the mustard and ketch-up.

Nah, I low-five. It’s dangerous in these streets. I gotta keep my hand on my wallet.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

If you were my girl, the whole room would be the Vatican, and you would be my Olivia Pope.

Why is everything covered in olive oil?

Netflix's Survival of the Thickest Quotes

Let me be your TA. Your t*tty assistant.

We have not seen this type of crazy in a very long time.

How are you indoors but still look homeless?

It was like a ghetto episode of British Bake Off, but just with d*ck and street meat.

You put the ho in desperato.

I thought I asked for a stylist, not a cartoon mouse.

I want to dress women and help them love their bodies. If I dress you, there’s no corset.

What in the 25 years of friendship of sitting on the floor you made me do is going on? Am I getting a sister-wife?

Yes, I am amazing. You better start that rumor.

What in the brown t*tty-TED talk is going on?

I don’t think I’ve ever felt that I was in my body until now. Thanks to you.

I thought you were passionate about emasculating white men in corporate America.

Employment looks good on you.

Is that why it tastes like white-collar crime and nickels?

You hear that noise? That’s me backing my a** up at Home Depot.

You never f*ck with where you eat.

Don’t include me in on stuff. I am good; I don’t need to know nothing.

This is a Queens-only area.

I can think quickly off my feet too.

You should work to live, not live to work.

What in the Rosetta Stone is going on? I needed subtitles for that conversation, and I like it.

My ovaries was just high fiving and I just needed to let them do what they needed to do.

To big t*tties and freckles.

I feel like an Amish teenager during Rumspringa.

You left him impure.

There is a lot of d*cks in the sea. New York is like an ocean.

Don’t be coming for my trainer, honey, because I’m multitasking. I’m working out as I’m getting worked out.

Tootie, you may now sniff the bride.

No one could suck a bone dry like you, boy. I’ll tell you that much.

Jump through the wall like you Mr. Kool-Aid, but you gotta get out.

Go brush your teeth and get dressed; we’re going to church. From what I heard, you both need Jesus.

Put the vape pen down and step away slowly.

Death and dildos—that’s me.

I want to work with beautiful thickums and make them feel good about themselves, and make them feel stylish and look fly.

I am a walking, talking bag of skittles.

Style that little Muppet if you want to.

I was a c*ck block ninja.

Netflix's Survival of the Thickest Quotes

My brand can’t be all about you. I need to put myself first.

Plus-size women are always being told to shrink. Literally, everyone is telling us to lose weight, be smaller, but the birds-of-paradise flowers, they bloom when there’s enough light, and so I just really wanted to take beautiful kings and queens and nonbinary royalty and just showcase them in beautiful bright, bold colors in the light because they haven’t let the world shame them into shrinking.

I think I’ve been holding a lot of things in.

Jesus put that giant gas bubble in your stomach for a reason.

Sometimes people make mistakes, and you have got to forgive them.

You just left a work meeting with the top-t*tty meat and the thigh meat all out, lookin’ like you are a backup dancer for Prince?

Coming from Jersey to Brooklyn, that’s like a long-distance relationship.

What do you need right now? An intervention? A slap to your bloated, freckled face?

So you one of those Reading Rainbow n*&&as.

Is the man choking on the hot sauce or his feelings?

We’re missing that thing that makes us soulmates.

It’s easy to do fly sh*t for fly people.

If I could wish one thing, it would be for you to expect more for yourself. And keep your head in the clouds, of course, because I think when we get older, we forget about that.

We think life should be a certain way. But I hope your wildest fantasies become your truest reality. Because dreaming big, it makes life worth living.

Sometimes we have to make the wrong decisions in order to find the right one.

I’d rather take a chance on uncertainty and still believe in love.

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