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Best Backyard Swimming Pool Names

Backyard Swimming Pool Names

One of the best parts about having your own backyard swimming pool is coming up with a catchy name for it. Now I know that coming up with a creative name, the perfect name, a clever name, or a unique name can be a bit difficult because that is the name friends and family will use for years to come. Picking the right name that family members will flock to on hot summers days is essential. Well, it might not be all that serious, but you know you want a good name for your pool. This is why I wanted to make a list of the best pool names to give your new water oasis. Check out this list of the best backyard swimming pool names to give your new watering hole.

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Backyard Swimming Pool Names

When it comes to picking a certain type of pool to install at your home, potential customers need to research all the water features that will fit their needs.

Types of Pools

Concrete Pools: Cement is actually a component of concrete, not the same thing, even though we tend to use the words interchangeably. Concrete is a mix of water, cement, sand, and a coarse aggregate (stone or gravel). A concrete pool shell is created by spraying either gunite or shotcrete.

Inground Pools: A pool that has been built into the ground so that the top of the walls sit flush with your lawn. Inground pools are the most common types of backyard pools and often favoured for their sleek aesthetic and longevity.

Above Ground Pools: A semi-permanent structure between four and six feet deep, with a diameter of between 12 and 30 feet. These pools are known for being relatively cheap, fairly easy to assemble and providing seasonal enjoyment for families.

Fiberglass Pool: A fiberglass pool is made from a reinforced fiberglass shell, covered in protective gel coats. The shell is manufactured off-site and installed in one piece.

Lap Pools: Lap pools are a lot like standard full-size pools, except that their dimensions are very unique. Rather than coming in wide, balanced, or intricate shapes like standard pools, lap pools are long, narrow, rectangular, large pools designed primarily for swimming laps.

Indoor Pool: Indoor pools are located inside a building with a roof and are insulated by at least three walls. Built for year-round swimming or training, they are found in all climate types.

Kiddie Pools: A swimming pool that is small and not very deep, intended for children.

Infinity Pools (Infinity Edge Pools): A swimming pool whose positioning gives the impression that it merges into the ocean or other surrounding landscape.

Natural Pools: A natural pool is a swimming pool that uses plant life to maintain the water instead of chemicals. They use walls, filters, and plant life to keep the water clean.

Saltwater Pools: It’s called a saltwater pool because you add salt to the water at a level high enough to allow the machine to function, which also makes the water feel silkier.

Architectural Pool: A constructed or excavated exterior area designed to contain a regular supply of water.

Wading Pool: A shallow artificial pool for children to paddle in.

Plunge Pools: A small, deep swimming pool, typically one filled with cold water and used to refresh or invigorate the body after a sauna.

Hot Tubs: A large tub filled with hot aerated water used for recreation or physical therapy.

Backyard Swimming Pool Names

Backyard Pools: In-Ground Pools & Above-Ground Pools

Pool owners will want to check out this list of the best names for your outdoor pool.

  • Always Clear Pools
  • Always Sunny
  • Aqua Paradise
  • AquaZip Pool Service
  • Atlantis
  • Backyard Oasis
  • Blue Dolphin Pool
  • Blue Haven Pool
  • Blue Heaven
  • Blue Infinity
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Blue Moon Pool
  • Blue Sky Pool
  • Blue Water Pool
  • Broken Hearts
  • Cannonball Creators
  • Caribbean Sea
  • Cloud Nine
  • City Heights Swimming Pool
  • Crystal Palace
  • Desert Oasis
  • Dive In Pool
  • Dolphin Bay
  • Dolphin Dreams
  • Dolphin Isle
  • Dolphin Quay
  • Eagle’s Nest
  • Elite Pools
  • Emerald City
  • Emerald Isle
  • Endless Summer
  • Endless Waves
  • Executive Pool
  • Falcon Pool
  • Fair Child Swimming Pool
  • Fountain of Youth
  • Garden of Eden
  • Golden Bear Pool
  • Golden Pond
  • H2O Bubble
  • H2O Heaven
  • Hawaiian Isles
  • Heaven’s Gate
  • Hot Spring Pool
  • Inspiration Hill Swimming Pool
  • Island Paradise
  • Isla Paradiso
  • Jungle Lagoon
  • La Isla Bonita
  • Leisure World
  • Lighthouse Pool
  • Lili Pad Pool & Spa
  • Liquid Sky
  • Live Oak Swimming Pool
  • Lunar Bay
  • Meadow Pool
  • MercuryMing Pool
  • Mermaid’s Cove
  • Mermaid’s Grotto
  • Mermaid’s Lair
  • Mission Walk Pool
  • Monaco Bay
  • Neptune’s Kingdom
  • Neptune Pools
  • New Wave Pools
  • Neverland
  • Nirvana
  • Northside Swim Center
  • No Speedos Water Park
  • Ocean Spray
  • Octopus’s Garden
  • Olympus
  • Park by the Pool
  • Pacific Coast
  • Pacific Pools
  • Peacock Feather
  • Pirate’s Cove
  • Pleasure Pool
  • Pool Party Poll
  • Pool Perfection
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Pure Water Pools
  • Queen’s Leisure Centre
  • Rainbow Pool
  • Riviera Maya
  • Santa Monica Beach
  • Sea Spray
  • Serendipity
  • Seychelles Islands
  • Shangri – La
  • Shark Reef
  • Sleepy Hollow Swimming Pool
  • Solarium
  • SoluAqua Swimming Pool
  • South Seas
  • Sparkle Pool
  • Splash Mountain
  • Splashtastic
  • Splish Splash
  • Strawberry Canyon Pool
  • Sugar Beach
  • Summer Months
  • Summer Shades
  • Superior Pool
  • Sweetwater Hot Tubz
  • Sweetwater Services
  • Tahiti
  • The Back Float
  • The Bahamas
  • The Blue Hole
  • The Blue Lagoon
  • The Deep End
  • The Glittering Blue
  • The Grotto
  • The Hills Swim
  • The Lost City of Atlantis
  • The Oasis
  • The Oasis within The City
  • The Pool House
  • The Splash Pad
  • The Skinny Dippers
  • Total Leisure
  • Treasure Cove
  • Treasure Island
  • Tropical Oasis
  • Tropical Paradise
  • Under the Sea
  • Venezuela Falls
  • Victoria Falls
  • Water Babies
  • Water Dreams
  • Water Fun Warriors
  • Well Minded Swimming Poll

Catchy Swimming Pool Company Names

Do you own a swimming pool business and are looking for a suitable name to make a good impression for your new business? Then check out these examples of pool business names.

  • All Florida Pool Service
  • All Seasons Pool
  • American Pride Pool Service
  • Aqua Blue Pool Services
  • Aqua Clean Pools
  • Aqua Isle Pool Service
  • Aqua Pools
  • A&S Pools
  • Blue Haven Pools & Spas
  • Blue Ribbon Pools
  • Broward County Pool Service
  • Clear Water Pool
  • Coastal Pool Care
  • Continental Pool
  • Crystal Clear Pools
  • Crystal Pools
  • Custom Pool Renovations
  • Cypress Aquatic Center
  • Dade County Pool Service
  • Elite Pools
  • Executive Pools
  • Falcon Pool
  • Gulfstream Pool Service
  • Independence Heights Swimming
  • Independence Pools
  • Leisure Pools
  • Luxury Pools
  • Majestic Pools
  • Miami Pool Service
  • Monster Pool Company
  • Mountain View Pool
  • Mount Wise Swimming Pools
  • Naples Pool Service
  • New Pool Systems
  • Oasis Pools
  • Ocean Blue Pool Services
  • Ocean Pools
  • Ocean Swimming Pools
  • Palm Beach Pool Service
  • Paradise Pools by Design
  • Paradise Pools & Spas
  • Peak Pools
  • Perfect Care Pool Service
  • Pools Infinite
  • Premier Pool Services
  • Proud American Pool Service
  • Redbird Ranch Pool
  • Reflections Pool & Spa
  • Refreshing Pool
  • Regal Pools
  • Resort Pools
  • Royal Pools
  • Sky Pool
  • Southwest Pool
  • Splash Pools
  • Sublime Pool Service
  • Sunnyside Swimming Pool
  • Sunrise Pools & Spas
  • Sunset Pools
  • Sunshine Pools
  • Sunshine State Pools
  • Topline Pools
  • Tropical Pools
  • Victorian Pool & Spa Company
  • Viking Pools and Spas
  • We Fix Ugly Pools

Backyard Swimming Pool Names