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Collection of Best VOLLEYBALL MOVIES 2023

Best Volleyball Movies

Are you looking for good volleyball movies list to watch before your season starts or just to enjoy in general? Then I have a list of some of the best films for volleyball fans which includes beach volleyball movies, volleyball movies based on true stories, funny volleyball games and scenes, cute volleball girls and some of the best relevant beach volleyball bodies to gaze upon in 2023. Check out this list of the best volleyball movies 2023.

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Best Volleyball Movies 2023

Best Volleyball Movies The Miracle Season

The Miracle Season (2018)

Plot: An independent film based on the inspiring true story of the Iowa City West High School girl’s volleyball team. After a tragic accident and the loss of star player Caroline Found in an accident, the remaining team players must band together under the guidance of their tough-love coach, Kathy Bresnahan, in hopes of winning the state championship.

Cast: Helen Hunt, Erin Moriarty, Danika Yarosh

Best Volleyball Movies Air Bud Spikes Back

Air Bud: Spikes Back (2003)

Plot: A dog that plays volleyball helps investigators solve a rash of mysterious crimes. This comedy is directed by Mike Southon.

Cast: Tyler Boissonnault, Katija Pevec, Cynthia Stevenson

Best Volleyball Movies Impact Point

Impact Point (2008)

Plot: Association of Volleyball Professionals pro beach volleyball star and professional volleyball player Kelly Reyes faces challenges every day and conquers them all until she encounters a certain man.

Cast: Kayla Ewell, Brian Austin Green, Linden Ashby

Best Volleyball Movies Side Out

Side Out (1990)

Plot: A law student transplanted to Southern California, Monroe Clark serves eviction papers to Zack Barnes, a former volleyball star. When Barnes learns that Monroe is a recreational player, he offers a few pointers. Monroe and his teammate, Wiley, plan to compete in an upcoming beach volleyball competition. But when Wiley is injured, Monroe partners with Zack. They’re underdogs in a tough field of competitors, but Monroe and Zack feel they’re up to the challenge.

Cast: C. Thomas Howell, Peter Horton, Christopher Rydell

Best Volleyball Movies The Iron Ladies

The Iron Ladies (2000)

Plot: Based on a true story, “The Iron Ladies” describes the inexorable march of a volleyball players team composed mostly of transsexuals, transvestites, and some rather effeminate gay guys to the Thai male national championships in 1996. An entire Thailand National Champion volleyball team of gays, transvestites and transsexuals is a practically unheard of situation in Thailand.

Cast: Giorgio Maiocchi, Kokkorn Benjathikoon, Anucha Chatkaew

Best Volleyball Movies Top Gun

Top Gun (1986)

Plot: Devil-may-care navy pilot Pete Mitchell is sent to Miramar Naval Air Station for advanced fighter pilots training. Here he vies with Tom Kasansky for the coveted “Top Gun” award. When not so occupied, Mitchell carries on a romance with civilian consultant Charlotte Blackwood. The film contains the most iconic volleyball scenes of all time, even shown in the trailer.

Cast: Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Kelly McGillis

Best Volleyball Movies Beach Kings

Beach Kings / Green Flash (2008)

Plot: At the ripe old age of 30, Cameron Day has given up his chances at pro-basketball fame and settled into an aimless life. A chance encounter with a beautiful woman lands him smack in the middle of Southern California’s pro beach volleyball scene. A naturally talented true athlete, he seems destined for sports stardom once again until his old demons start creeping in, threatening his chances at success.

Cast: Torrey DeVitto, David Charvet, Brody Hutzler

Best Volleyball Movies Girls With Balls

Girls With Balls (2018)

Plot: After their van breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the women of a girls volleyball team must fight for their lives against a group of degenerate hunters.

Cast: Manon Azem, Camille Razat, Dany Verissimo

Best Volleyball Movies Cast Away

Cast Away (2000)

Plot: Obsessively punctual FedEx executive Chuck Noland is en route to an assignment in Malaysia when his plane crashes over the Pacific Ocean during a storm. The sole survivor of the flight, Chuck washes ashore on a deserted island. When his efforts to sail away and contact help fail, Chuck learns how to survive on the island, where he remains for years, accompanied by only his handmade volleyball friend, Wilson. Will Chuck ever return to civilization and reunite with his loved ones? While the films doesn’t include characters that play volleyball, it is a movie with volleyball named Wilson.

Cast: Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Lari White

Best Volleyball Movies Meet The Parents

Meet The Parents (2000)

Plot: A young man’s (Greg Focker) first visit to his girlfriend’s parents’ house turns out to be more nightmarish than he could ever have imagined. Hoping to use the weekend as a chance to propose to his girlfriend, he only succeeds in incurring the wrath of his prospective father-in-law and almost destroys their home in the process. The film has a water volleyball scene that is a must see.

Cast: Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Teri Polo

Best Volleyball Movies All Youve Got

All You’ve Got (2006)

Plot: Three friends’ love for volleyball is tested to the limit when their high school volleyball team burns to the ground and they are forced to join rival volleyball teams in order to win the national championship. Directed by Neema Barnette.

Cast: Ciara, Adrienne Bailon Houghton, Doug Savant

Best Volleyball Movies Spiker

Spiker (1985)

Plot: As a sports drama, Spiker centers on the United States men’s national volleyball team from San Diego at the 1984 Summer Olympics. Superstar college athletes train hard to be accepted onto the team with the help of a strict coach.

Cast: Patrick Houser, Michael Parks, Kristi Ferrell

Best Volleyball Movies Miles

Miles (2016)

Plot: High school senior Miles Walton, whose mother is left broke after his father passes away, causes an uproar in his small Illinois town when he discovers an unusual college scholarship loophole that allows him to join the girls’ volleyball team.

Cast: Molly Shannon, Tim Boardman, Missi Pyle

Best Volleyball Movies Beach Spike

Beach Spike (2011)

Plot: In Hong Kong Paradise Cove Sharon and Rachel work at a restaurant of their kung fu master uncle Tao while taking on rivals in beach volleyball matches. The wealthy Bu family has plans to have the beach made into a playground for the rich and getting rid of the youth at the beach. Mrs. Bu’s two Eurasian daughters, Natalie and Phoenix challenge Sharon and Rachel to a volleyball match which Natalie and Phoenix win. Phoenix and Natalie give Rachel and Sharon a challenge: if the two local girls enter and win the upcoming All Hong Kong Womens Volleyball tournament, Mrs. Bu will revise her plans to further develop the area. Sharon and Rachel feel they don’t have a chance to win the tournament. Their uncle then Tao teaches the girls kung-fu skills that they apply to volleyball.

Cast: Chrissie Chau, Theresa Fu, Lo Mang

Best Volleyball Movies Cloud 9

Cloud 9 (2006)

Plot: Aging slacker and sports promoter Billy Cole is running up debts and facing eviction from his Malibu, Calif., home. Then Cole gets an idea he believes will bring in a stream of money. With the help of his friend Jackson, Cole heads to the local strip club to recruit dancers for a new beach volleyball team. Due to their sexy looks, the girls become a major draw, but soon find themselves wanting to be taken seriously. The strippers and Cole then make a bid for the volleyball big leagues.

Cast: Burt Reynolds, Paul Wesley, Paul Rodriguez

Best Volleyball Movies Leap

Leap (2020)

Plot: After 12 years, the Chinese women’s volleyball Olympic gold medalists team again reached the Olympic final. The ups and downs of the Chinese women’s volleyball team for more than three decades have slowly spread away.

Cast: Zhu Ting, Gong Xiangyu, Lydia Bai

Best Volleyball Movies Attack No. 1

Attack No. 1 (2005)

Plot: The story is about a high school girl, Kozue Ayuhara, who transferred to Fujimi Academy and tried out for the school volleyball team. She develops a friendship with her teammate Midori Hayakawa, and her talents impress coach Shunsuke Hongō more and more each day.

Cast: Aya Ueto, Ayaka Morita, Ayana Sakai