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Seemingly Ranch Memes

Sunday had all the funnies and jaw-dropping moments at the Chiefs game at Arrowhead. First, Taylor Swift was spotted attending the game to see Travis Kelce play, and she was even in the booth with his mom. Most aren’t surprised that her appearance not only got everyone talking but also what she ate, after a photo emerged of her eating a chicken nugget and ketchup, and Seemingly Ranch was spotted on the plate. There has never been a more popular condiment since Taylor put her signature thumbs up on it! Of course, this spurred all the talk, confirmed some rumors, and produced some funny memes. So, in honor of the occasion, I created a collection of these hilarious Seemingly Ranch memes.

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Seemingly Ranch Memes

I hope everyone gets a good laugh at these Seemingly Ranch memes, because we all love a good laugh, and with all the talk and laughs from Sunday’s game where Taylor was spotted attending a Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium to see Travis Kelce play and a photo was taken of her chicken strip with ketchup and ranch, we gotta laugh at the internet going crazy over the discovery, even taking over a lot of the game play from the game. We just have to laugh about it. Like always, I have collected some of my favorite memes that I have run across since the big rant on his show a couple of weeks ago. Do you have a favorite meme from this list or one that made you laugh and you thought I should include it? I am constantly updating this list, so I would love to include more, especially if you are hooked on this news like myself. Enjoy these funnies!

funny Seemingly Ranch Memes

friendship bracelet Seemingly Ranch Memes

friendship bracelet Seemingly Ranch Memes

Of course we get a Taylor Swift friendship bracelet that says Seemingly Ranch!

taylor swift spotted Seemingly Ranch Memes

taylor swift chicken Seemingly Ranch Memes

Piece of chicken and Seemingly Ranch photo heard around the world.

sales skyrocket Seemingly Ranch Memes

ketchup Seemingly Ranch Memes

trav tay Seemingly Ranch Memes

Tay and Trav Seemingly Ranch bottle.

taylor swift Seemingly Ranch Memes

taylor swift kevin james Seemingly Ranch Memes

Taylor Swift does the Kevin James pose.

Seemingly Ranch costume Memes

Best Halloween costume this year will be a Seemingly Ranch bottle!

funny Seemingly Ranch Memes

Seemingly Ranch Memes funny

george bush jr Seemingly Ranch Memes

George Bush Jr gets word about the ranch too!

Seemingly Ranch Memes funny