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60+ Revealing DUMB MONEY Movie Quotes

Dumb Money Movie Quotes

Dumb Money is releasing in St. Louis this Friday, September 22nd, with a wide release on Friday, September 29, 2023. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 60+ of the best and most revealing Dumb Money movie quotes.

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Dumb Money Movie Quotes

It looks like there is one guy driving all the buying.

Who is this schmuck?
I don’t know, but I think I just came.

You used to love GameStop.
Yeah, but then I grew up.

You never bet against Wall Street.

He won’t spend $5 on a beer, but he’ll put $50 grand in a stock you think is a joke?

Do you think I’m insane?

We can’t afford to miss something. It’s our life savings.

Less cats. Okay, great.

Wall Street just doesn’t see it. Why?

I wouldn’t take investment advice from a guy in a cat shirt.

It’s a bullsh*t way for rich people to get richer.

Last time you brought it up, it was all Donald Trump on horseback.

Wall Street must be seeing this, right? We got tendies too.

Remarkably self-aware.

Retail traders always lose.

This is our chance to stick it to the big man.

Dumb Money Movie Quotes

I believe in this stock, and I believe in this community.

You made me feel a part of something, something big.

It’s kind of weird to talk to someone and see their whole face.

Essential worker. Thank you for all you do.

F*ck them. F*ck them all.

We said it’s not enough to occupy.

We’re looking to IPO sooner.

Kevin, if you ever get a job, never retire.

Dude thinks he’s Jimmy Buffett now.
Warren Buffet.

Door-dash is a job. First of all, I’m a first responder.

I’m a man of the people.

What kind of company shuts down just because the government tells them to?

They don’t own my a**.
They do, and they always will.

Ever heard of a short squeeze?
Is that a sexual thing?

To a great company that’s undervalued. Cheers.

I love sneakers. I love the store. I love Dicks.

I think hold.

Diamond hands.

Where’s my p*&&y at?

They literally call us “dumb money.”

We may be hyenas, but put each of us together, and we will destroy the lions.

I can’t think of the last short squeeze that actually worked.

We’re like, really f*cking rich.

Dumb Money Movie Quotes

Let me guess, you need cash.

Another g-d d*mn bailout.

You’re up 23 million, and you’re not selling? What the f*ck is wrong with you?

Nobody wants that baby, mom.

Your kid is never getting braces.

This is what excellence looks like.

It’s like they are trying to stop people from talking to each other.

You know everybody here that is watching you hates your guts.

You got rich dudes pissing in their pants right now.

You want me to run through lightning with my d*ck out?

We can’t let them get away with this.

If he’s in, I’m in.

If this goes bad, it’s going to go really bad.

Disney Channel villain.

A lot of people feel like the system is broken.

As for me, I like the stock, and I don’t plan on selling anytime soon.

Cheers everyone.

Pretty f*cking ganster.