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Absolute Worst Matthew Perry Drowning Memes

Matthew Perry Drowning Memes

In shocking news over the weekend, word began to spread that Matthew Perry, who played the beloved character Chandler from Friends, died at the age of 54. As more details began to emerge, the circumstances of the death became even more shocking. Matthew Perry seemingly drowned in a hot tub after playing pickle ball earlier that day. Mr. Perry, who has been known to suffer from addiction throughout the years, spoke about his alcohol and drug abuse in his recent book, which he had previously been promoting. Many began to speculate if his last moments that led to the drowning were something like how Whitney Houston passed. Just the entire situation around his drowning is sad and jaw-dropping, and I believe this led the internet to behave at its worst, in the form of memes. Check out some examples of the internet at its worst with these Matthew Perry drowning memes.

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Matthew Perry Drowning Memes

Many may be wondering why I am sharing these Matthew Perry drowning memes if I find the entire thing appalling. Well, the short answer is because when I first heard the news, as a fan of Friends and Chandler Bing himself, I was deeply, deeply saddened. But then I saw a first that made me chuckle, because I believe Chandler would’ve done the same. And then I wondered how I would feel after my passing if the world began to share memes of me like that. And the truth is, I think I would love it. To leave that sort of impression on the world, that even in death I am making people smile instead of cry. It’s how I’ve always wanted to live my life, so why not the same in death?

joey when he heard the news of Matthew Perry drowning

when it wasnt your week day month year chandler bing

matthew perry drowning beats sobriety

matthew perry drowning

matthew perry drowning ill be there for you

weekend at perrys

matthew perry cooling down in hot tub

matthew perry drowning from friends theme song clap

chandler not schwimmer

ill be there for you not me chandler bing

opening credits friends matthew perry drowning

unfriend chandler bing from friends

matthew perry new spirit halloween costume

hasnt been matthew perrys day week month year

friends the one where chandler died

matthew perry dead pool

news about matthew perry drowning

matthew perry grim reaper

disney bathtub

chandler bing what can possibly go wrong

matthew perry stand up in hot tub

chandler bing pivot with coffin