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Netflix’s OLD DADS Parents Guide Movie Review

Netflix’s Old Dads is a funny and heartwarming movie with a great performance from Bill Burr. Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

Netflix's Old Dads Parents Guide

Netflix’s Old Dads drops on the streaming service in the United States tomorrow, October 19, 2023. The film stars Bill Burr (Jack), Bobby Cannavale, Bokeem Woodbine, Cody Renee Cameron, Miles Robbins, Katrina Bowden, and Rachael Harris. The upcoming american comedy film was written and directed by Bill Burr. Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

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Netflix’s Old Dads Movie Quotes

Netflix’s Old Dads Parents Guide

In Netflix’s Old Dads: When a middle-aged father and his two best friends sell their company to a millennial, they soon find themselves out of step and behind the times as they struggle to navigate a changing world of culture, career,  fatherhood and even find themselves battling preschool principals.

Netflix's Old Dads Parents Guide

Netflix’s Old Dads Age Rating Parents Guide

Let’s take a look at what concerned parents need to know about the age ratings of the series before letting their younger children watch Netflix’s Old Dads.

LanguageOld Dads parents guide: contains strong language, with profanity used throughout. Lookout words include f*ck, sh*t, b*tch, p*&&y, c*ck sucker, c*nt, a**h*le, jerk off, f*gs, and an entire discussion about the N-word with it being used and sang in a song.

Mature Content: The biggest lookout for parents in the film, other than the strong language, is the sexual content and drug use. Characters are shown giving lap dances at a strip club with their bare bottoms and breasts exposed. Characters are also shown sniffing cocaine and becoming intoxicated from alcohol consumption. There is a scene where a possum is shown being hit by a car and being bloody. There are also tensions in marriages and an argument between a couple in front of their child, resulting in a breakup, that could be triggering for some viewers and younger kids.

Age Rating of the Series Netflix’s Old Dads: Netflix’s Old Dads movie rating has a TV-MA rating by the Motion Picture Association of America – MPAA rating – for pervasive language, sexual material, nudity, and brief drug use, and the parental guidelines advisory recommends it for a mature audience, an older audience, an adult audience, young people, young adults, older children, and teens aged 17 years and older. The suggestion of parental guidance or a legal guardian (adult guardian) for this restricted TV-MA category is highly suggested for young children, young kids, and younger viewers under 17 years of age in this TV-MA-rated motion picture for adult material. The minimum age recommendation is 17 years old.

Overall Thoughts

Netflix’s Old Dads is a new Netflix movie starring and directed by Bill Burr. It tells the story of three best friends and business partners, Jack (Burr), Connor (Bobby Cannavale), and Mike (Bokeem Woodbine), who are all old dads. They decide to sell their throwback sports apparel company, but when the company is made over by an eccentric new millennial CEOs (Miles Robbins), Jack’s anger boils over, creating a rift between him and his friends.

Netflix’s Old Dads is a comedy, but it also deals with some serious issues, such as aging, fatherhood, and the changing workplace. Burr’s performance as Jack, a hot-tempered dad struggling to fit in at his son’s progressive preschool, is excellent, as he brings his trademark gruffness and humor to the role.

Cannavale brings his usual charm and charisma to the role of Connor, a laid-back, fun-loving dad who is trying to stay young at heart. He’s also very good at conveying the character’s inner struggles. Connor is trying to be the best dad he can be, but he’s also dealing with the challenges of aging and the changing world. And Woodbine brings a lot of warmth and humanity to the role of Mike. He also does a great job of conveying the character’s inner strength and resilience. Mike is facing a lot of challenges in his life, but he never gives up.

The humor in Netflix’s Old Dads is largely observational and character-driven. The film mines comedy from the fish-out-of-water premise of three old dads trying to navigate a changing world. Jack, Connor, and Mike are all struggling to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. They’re also dealing with the challenges of aging and the changing workplace. The film also gets a lot of mileage out of the clash between generations. Jack is a cranky old dad who is suspicious of millennials and their newfangled ways.

Overall, Old Dads is a funny and heartwarming movie that is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever felt out of touch with the modern world. It’s a must-watch for fans of Bill Burr, but it’s also worth checking out for anyone who enjoys a good comedy-drama.

Netflix's Old Dads Parents Guide