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45+ Shocking PAIN HUSTLERS Movie Quotes

Pain Hustlers Movie Quotes

Pain Hustlers dropped on the Netflix streaming service this weekend, October 27, 2023. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 45+ of the best and most shocking Pain Hustlers movie quotes.

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Pain Hustlers Parents Guide Movie Review

Pain Hustlers Movie Quotes

This is my story, and I did it for the right reasons.

There were times I wanted her to die in a plane crash. And then there were times I wanted her to die in a more slow and painful way.

She could make you feel seen and understood in this very powerful way, and then 45 minutes later, you’re out two grand.

She’s kind of on this Robinhood kick right now, and she thinks that we’re really rich.

I will not give up on myself. I will not give up on my dreams. I will make my life count.

You’re gonna get through this. Yes, yes, you will. It’s who you are.

I’m such a fan.

The fact that she was going to die in pain and fear of pain that I could not accept.

It’s up to you. You eat what you kill.

It’s a long-odds lottery ticket buried under a thousand rejections, and you gotta have the grit and the balls to reach down and scratch it.

I.e., cut open Pheobe’s skull and scoop out the not-a-tumor with a melon baller.

If you don’t tell him about the side effects, I will.

All I knew was I was scared all the time.

Pain Hustlers Movie Quotes

To keep that hurt from sneaking up on you, you get to where you want to stay juiced up all the time.

It’s a legal grift, and everybody was doing it, and we were too. But we were broke.

Us sh*tting the bed and rolling around in it is the event.

That stuff did, just like you said, it gave me my life back for a minute.

By the way, I did nothing illegal. Pete took care of that.

Big pharams about finding that gray line, getting as close as you can without crossing over.

You two are f*cking voided. You are roasted on a g*dd*mn spit.

This company has no reputation because you never risk sh*t.

Dr. Jack’s rule, pHD’s only.

You don’t just work the territory; you own a territory.

Greasing doctors is an art, not a science. Every drug company is trying to put money in their hands. You can’t just throw checks at them. They all think you’re wearing a wire.

I will walk through fire to protect you.

Always hire a rep with versatility.

The real education at our events was us learning the doctors were just as greedy and horny as everyone else.

Even if we won dirty, at the end of the day, our medicine was reaching the people who really needed it.

So how is the law protecting you from these scumbags?
They’re not.

Money’s dignity.

Then you climb up a couple of tax brackets, and it’s the same old grift, only for more money, and it smells like gardinias and alpaca sh*t.

Is there any version of this where we end up f*cking?
Never. Never.

I made you a survivor.
I survived you.

Pain Hustlers Movie Quotes

It’s not about pain. What it does is release the same neurochemicals a mother feels the first time she holds her own baby. I mean, that feeling is literally why humans exist.

We’re all basically that turkey on the farm, living their best life. Every day, like every other day, eating a tasty dish of corn. And after about a year, the third Thursday in November rolls around.

Use your crisis as your fire. You’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of.

Get out there and clap.

I gave you a f*cking life, and you do this to me?

Thank God you’re so f*cking sl*&&y.

The truth is, I wanted the money. I wanted the respect. And I wanted it so badly, I stopped caring how I got it.

Yes, we hurt people. Yes, we destroyed lives. But we also brought people, suffering people, the best medication for cancer breakthrough pain the world has ever seen.

The old life, I don’t think about. Only sometimes when I’m trying to fall asleep at night.

I have those dreams that aren’t really dreams, where I’m running the company, I pulled us back from the cooked sh*t, and people look at me like I’m somebody. And it feels so good that it scares me. So I sit up and turn on the light.