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50+ Silly GOOD BURGER 2 Movie Quotes

Good Burger 2 Movie Quotes

Paramount+’s Good Burger 2 released on the streaming service across the United States today, November 22, 2023. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 50+ of the best and silliest Good Burger 2 movie quotes.

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Good Burger 2 Parents Guide Movie Review

Good Burger 2 Movie Quotes

Good morning, Good Burger.

I’ve been trying to wake you up for 20 minutes. Can I make an order, please?

Who’s ready to get richer?

You smell that? That’s the smell of success. Actually, it smells like… fire!

When someone orders a cola, make sure to put the lid on after you get a drink, or this will happen.

I’m hungry for food stuff. And I wish to be acknowledged by a fast food employee.

I enjoy the essence of onion but not the crunch.

I shall now depart in a huff.

That tone lets me know you don’t understand business.

You’re just listing business words.

This is ketchup. She’s my third favorite.

That makes sense that someone in your family would work at the circus.

That’s the dog’s name; his name is Attack.

Good Burger 2 Movie Quotes

I prefer to eat breakfast not in the bathroom. I also prefer to be alone in the bathroom.

Wait. These aren’t my pants.

I love to talk. I’ve been talking since I was eight.

No one says “fore” in tennis. That’s golf.

Those are not O’s; those are zeroes.

I’m happy the way things are, and I don’t want to mess things up. Plus, I’ve got more money than anyone could dream of.

Why would you pick Ruth to be the driver?
She’s too old to work the register.

All I ever dream of is Good Burger, my family, my friends, and you.

I love your sauce; you make great sauce. Will you sign an autograph for me?

That seems more important than getting customers their food.

Your shoe closet is bigger than most houses.

You’re still going to be the face of Good Burger, but bigger than ever.
But I like my face the size it is.

You just got hustled by a real hustler, playboy.

Who’s gonna hire Ruth? She’s practically dead. No offense.

You can have this photo. It doesn’t bring me happiness anymore.

You poo on your own time.

Give us Good Burger back or else.
Or else what?
I don’t know. I didn’t think that one all the way through.

You evil woman!

Good Burger 2 Movie Quotes

It’s worse for me. I have a family and mouths to feed.

Did you just say sweet, sweet revenge?
No, I didn’t. You said that.

Why would you put a booger in his nose?

Like you said, this is way too important.
We did say that, didn’t we?

I was just thinking screwdiver is a funny word.

They can have two front-row seats to watch my dreams come true and their dreams being crushed.

I did it. I mean, we did it.

Help, don’t run!

This is much more entertaining than turning the power off.

Kat got ketchup and mustard on her face. Doo, doo, doo.

Basically, he reprogrammed the robots to go all whackadoo.

We back, baby!

People will never be replaced by technology. Because no machine can do a job as efficiently as a human being.

Can I get one good burger and one good apology from my brother?

I heard they were nasty, but I still want them because they are free.

We will never let anyone destroy this incredible restaurant ever again.

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