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45+ Disney’s THE NAUGHTY NINE Movie Quotes

The Naughty Nine Movie Quotes

Disney’s The Naughty Nine released on the streaming service today, November 24, 2023. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out the collection of the best Disney’s The Naughty Nine movie quotes.

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The Naughty Nine Parents Guide Movie Review

The Naughty Nine Movie Quotes

It’s the day before holiday break, nobody expects you to learn anything.

You keep putting your mind to the wrong stuff.

I’m not a bad kid.

I was born ready.

Sweet Lord. Have you ever seen a face that adorable?

Thanks a lot, suckers.

We didn’t take that stuff; we took it back.

The Naughty Nine movie quotes

You will never, ever beat me. I’m too smooth, too smart. I’m always one step ahead.

There is nothing here. Why didn’t Santa bring me anything?

So the naughty list is just a myth?
That’s what I thought until I looked deeper.

Santa took Christmas from us; let’s take it back.

If we are going to sneak into the North Pole, it’s going to take the best team I’ve ever assembled.

Everyone in this room has one thing in common?
A tradgic sense of style?

If we are going to have a snowball’s chance in Florida of getting into that vault, we all have to work together.

If we pull this off, it will be the best Christmas we never had.

I’m one of five kids; no one will even notice I’m gone.

I can’t believe no one asked how we are getting to the North Pole.

That’s a great story, Dad. I’m not sure how it applies to me, but I really enjoyed hearing it.

You’re cute, but you’re in my space.

Can you keep a secret?
Does a horned lizard squirt blood from its eyelids when threatened?

It’s not luck; I just follow the rules.

The Naughty Nine movie quotes

What if the rules are unfair?
They are rules, Andy. You follow them because they are the right thing to do.

It’s real.
You came all the way up here, and you didn’t think it was real? Why would you do that?
So I could say I told you so.

For the love of Santa, what is that?

This is the North Pole; cocoa comes out of our tap here.

We don’t look anything like them.

Look, man, we’ve been down in Cleveland on mall duty. Our flight was delayed. Our rental sleigh broke a runner, and I haven’t had a decent glass of nog in—I don’t know how long. Just cut us some slack, will ya?
I’m just roasting your chestnuts, buddy.

What is that?
The Naughty List. The actual honest-to-goodness, Naughty List. I guess we really are on it.

The only reason you don’t stick your landing is because you let Bethany get into your head.

Everyone knows how good you are, Laurel. Why don’t you?

Animals don’t care if you’re not cool.

I can’t help if my natural swagger projects a sense of confidence.

Not even Santa can stop the naughty nine.

Santa, we good?

Is that what you really want?
No. That is what I deserve.

I’m in a situation. I need the Naughty Nine.

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